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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Good. Now go fail again.

People may not realize this, but I love GoT. I've watched the series but have also read the books (which good golly, George R.R. can write some weighty tomes). This is the first year I've had HBO and can watch the series as it airs. In the past I've watched the DVD's a year (or more) later or caught up on illegal YouTube videos. I'm excited to watch this season as some parts are now past where the last book ended and some story lines are swinging differently than the book - such as there's supposed to be another beloved character who we believe to be dead but was also brought back by prophets of the Lord of Light. I'm waiting to see if the HBO show brings that character back too; though that arc would really mess up a current arc that they have set up.

Anyway, as always, I digress. I loved this scene from Sunday night's episode. Too bad if it's a spoiler for any of you.

You probably have already read the NYT's article about the metabolism changes of the Biggest Loser contestants. If not, you can find it here. I found this so fascinating because I know that my body really struggles with metabolism issues. It has often baffled me that I can work out as much as I do, I can eat the right things, and the weight just stays the same or comes off super slowly. I've already acknowledged that at this point I'm fighting my body's natural desire to maintain weight so it was interesting to read a study that confirms this (at least with a small sample size).

I view articles like this one, not as an excuse to give up and think, "my body wants to be fat so why bother" but rather as reasons to keep being active and to not beat myself up when I've done the right things but my body doesn't respond accordingly. A reminder to control the things I can and to let go of what I can't control. Such as, I can control the majority of my decisions on diet and exercise but some days hormones are uncontrollable and then it no longer becomes a matter of "will power". But if bad choices are made during those days it's not starting all over again because the other 90% of my decisions have been good ones.

We keep fighting and if we fail, we keep going and go fail again.

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