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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mid-week update

Looks like my Princess Bride battle with the scale has taken a turn in a positive direction. After showing 190 on Monday's weigh-in (thanks to my "I'll eat what I want" weekend) I've gone steadily down every day:
  • Tuesday: 189.6
  • Wednesday: 187.6
  • Thursday: 185.8
I had a feeling I would see 185 today. I've officially passed the 50 pounds lost mark. And now have a wee-bit less than 10 pounds to go until my next mini-goal (which is 176 = the lowest weight I've been as an adult). Because I know that my weight loss will go in these weird spurts I'm still not setting any kind of goal date. 

With today's weight and overall body measurements I'm also now just below 30% for body fat. 

And in non-weight related accomplishments I did an honest to goodness real mid-week run yesterday as called for on my schedule. I call them "tempo" runs but I've come to realize my definition of tempo and the actual definition do not match. For me it was defined as "the pace I hope to run in my race" but it's actually pushing yourself to go harder. Whatever...

These mid-week runs are hard to fit in. It was super hot and muggy yesterday here so I prepared myself mentally to do my four miles inside the gym. I started on the track thinking that if it got too boring I would just switch to the treadmill and at least watch something on my phone. I wasn't looking for speed but rather consistent running through the distance so I tried to keep a slower pace. I ended up being able to run/jog the whole 4 miles with no walking breaks which is quite an accomplishment for me when you look at my running struggles over this past year. Yes, the pace was slower: 10:45 avg, but even that pace is really great for me when looking at my overall progress. Maybe I will survive longer distances again.

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