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Friday, May 20, 2016

Snapshots in an otherwise weird week

Work was super exciting that day - and my office was super cold.
So it hasn't been my best week - but it hasn't been my worst either. It's a combination of work stress, being busy with end of the school year stuff for the kids, and just feeling tired. Early in the week I made like three days full of bad eating decisions but I just rode that wave out and am moving on. I haven't gotten in the training runs that I needed to this week but I have done some other good exercises (like an ab class that made me so sore that I dreamt about having broken ribs on the night of the 2nd day DOMS).  But I try not to let myself feel like I've failed because it's about the bigger picture of success rather than a couple days of feeling out of it.

Getting ready in the morning with the typical morning bathroom crew - never mind that they have their own bathrooms...

Today I'm going to enjoy some BBQ and then an afternoon of exercising. Long run of 8 miles this weekend and I'm currently not even dreading it. Which is an improvement over my mood on Wednesday night:

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