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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Son of a biscuit eater...

Got my 8 mile run in and did fairly well. Until the stupid side cramps started up again.

Like on my 7 mile run last week, I got cramps after eating the Gu Chomps - which I had about halfway through the run. So I think I'll need to rethink my fueling strategy. People seem to like Tailwind so I'll probably check that out. I just hadn't looked at it before since it seems to be marketed for longer endurance events. I only use any kind of "fuel" for when I run for longer than an hour. I could probably do without it but it does help the energy levels.

This week the cramps made me stop in my 4 minute running cycle and my pace slowed a bit with extra walking breaks at the end - I can usually push through since I know I'm so close to being done. It was frustrating but I really did try to push through as much as I could. I know I was making very scary faces as I ran.

It's actually still tender in that area a few hours later. I get a bit worried because I had bad issues with this in 2010 which halted my half training plan. It always cramps up just below my gallbladder (previous tests showed that my gallbladder and everything else for that matter were perfectly healthy). For now it's probably just breathing and digestion issues but I feel paranoid about that side in general.

I got out after 9 a.m. this morning and it was already 70 out, completely sunny, and fairly humid. So I tried to stick to the shade as much as I could. But I was happy to train in warmer weather because this race will be most like be stupid hot and humid. My handheld bottle was still enough for the whole run so I don't think I'll worry about a water belt since the race has plenty of water stops. I just had regular water on the run and Nuun in my larger bottle waiting for me for after the run.

I also went out too fast. My first two miles were 10:49 and 10:29 (mile one might have been a bit faster - I felt that my GPS went too long before it finally called out the mile pace). Next three miles slowed down to 11:12/11:25/11:45. Mile 6 must have been mostly downhill because that one was 10:53 and I ended with 11:39 and 11:50 (where I walked a bit more). All together it was a 11:16 average pace.

Next week I get a break with only a 6 mile long run (whoop!), and then it's 9 miles and two weekends of 10 miles (the 2nd being the race). I also have to decide if I want to train for our local half marathon this October. I was so happy not to race it last year but in spite of previous proclamations that "I'm not running more than 15k's anymore!" I have thought about this a little. Registration opens on June 1st. Some years it sells out within an hour or so and sometimes it takes up to a few days but it does usually sell out so you have to commit pretty quickly to it. So I go back and forth - part of me wants to train for it and beat my previous times. I know I can train to be faster but I also don't really enjoy running longer distances (miles 10-13 of a half are just awful for me). So try to prove something or pick something I enjoy more?

One reason I would pick the distance over enjoyment is that I might be able to run Ragnar Del Sol in Spring 2017 and the half training would only help in that endeavor. I still have a couple of weeks to think about it. At least I wouldn't have to keep up with long runs for the whole summer. I could cut back for a few weeks and then build back up again with a 12 week plan (would start around mid-July).  So that's what I'll be pondering for a while.

Amen to that Pinky.

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