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Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Results: 4/25-5/1


  • Monday - Kettle Fit & Elliptical
  • Tuesday - Personal Trainer and Speed work (2 miles)
  • Wednesday - 2 mile tempo run and Zumba
  • Thursday - Run/Row (2.5 miles)
  • Friday - Elliptical and Ab work
  • Saturday - 6 mile long run (11:10 pace)
  • Sunday - Rest day with a lot of yard work
Total Miles: 12.5 for the week and 57.1 for the month
Total Estimated Calories Burned: 4814, Avg per day = 688

This was the last week of classes at my university and between meetings, events, and other random life interruptions I didn't quite get my normal workouts with the classes I like to do. I originally planned for an interval run on Sunday but my stomach was not happy after my long run on Saturday. I'm not sure if it was issues from the running and drinking Nuun or just a tummy bug (which is going around the kids' schools). I could have stayed close to home or have done a different workout inside my house but instead I thought that an actual rest day would be the most beneficial. And I still hit almost 13,000 steps according to my FitBit so I think the word "rest" is debatable.

I've already posted about this but it was a good week for weight loss. I didn't lose anything beyond the 188.8. I might have gotten to 188.0 even but the next day it was back to 188.8 and still there this morning. But that's a 3 pound loss for the week so I'm quite pleased. I did pretty good with my macros (goal was 40/30/30), my weekly average was Carbs = 42%, Fat = 30%, and Protein = 28%. My carbs went up (to get to the 42% instead of 40) over the weekend when I thought, "Heck I've already lost 3 pounds and ran 6 miles today surely I can go ahead and have some low fat, no added sugar ice cream." And so I did.

This Week's Schedule:
  • Monday: Elliptical and Ult Sculpt DVD
  • Tuesday: Personal Trainer and Speed Work (last session with this semester's trainer)
  • Wednesday: Kettle Fit and Zumba (maybe some running if I have time)
  • Thursday: easy 2 mile run and spin
  • Friday: Elliptical and Ult Sculpt DVD
  • Saturday: 3 mile fun run (aiming for a 10 m/m pace)
  • Sunday: 4.5 mile interval run
The training plan calls for a 5k run at race pace rather than a long run this week and our local running store is having a 3 mile fun run with mimosas at the end to celebrate Mother's Day. So that works out really well. 

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