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Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Results: 5/16-5/22


  • Monday: Planned Rest - 45 minute easy walk
  • Tuesday: 30 min abs class and 1.6 miles tempo run
  • Wednesday: nothing
  • Thursday: Weight room - arms/legs/abs
  • Friday: 1 mile walk and 3 mile run, ab work and tricep dips
  • Saturday: Housework and running errands
  • Sunday: 8 miles long run at 11:16 pace

I had planned to run further on Tuesday but I ran out of time before I had to get to an event at my son's school. But the abs class was really good and not originally on my plan. Wednesday just ended up being really busy and I felt super tired all day (mostly due to allergies). I was stuck in my office and couldn't fit the run into my schedule and then fell asleep on my bed before Zumba started. I could have exercised on Saturday but we stayed pretty busy during the day and I couldn't motivate myself to do anything that evening. Some weeks are like that.

It was a bad diet week. We won't linger on that. I did end up .2 pounds lower than last week which really it's probably a miracle that I didn't gain.

This Week's Schedule:
  • Monday: Kettle Fit and elliptical
  • Tuesday: Abs class and speed work (2 miles)
  • Wednesday: 5 mile easy run and weights/arms
  • Thursday: Spin and 2 miles tempo run
  • Friday:  6 mile long run
  • Saturday: Rest - which includes a lot of tourist walking around
  • Sunday: Hotel gym workout
Getting out of town this weekend and Saturday will be too busy to fit much in. We will be walking around a lot though so at least it's active rest. I may or may not get around to a gym workout on Sunday morning but that afternoon I'll be walking around again. I'm not putting any stress on this weekend because next week will amp up on the amount of workouts I plan to do. 

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