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Sunday, May 8, 2016

What I ate this weekend...

Oops I mean, what I did this weekend.

I ate a lot this weekend.

Among other things.

It's been a nice Mother's Day weekend. I get to play the Mother's Day trump card whenever I want to do something, "I need this Mint Julep - it's Mother's Day weekend" or to get the kids to stop behaving like crazy wild animals, "Really children? You're going to make me yell at you on Mother's Day?"

Mom guilt is the best.

I started my weekend off right by taking a half day off from work on Friday. The rec center was closed so I spent the afternoon getting a work out done at home: 40 min on the elliptical, some various strength training exercises, and yoga. I got to watch some of my shows while doing this. All together, far more entertaining than suffering through a slow day in the office.

That night my daughter and I headed out to an ice skating rink for a Girl Scout event. It's been about 11 years since I've put on ice skates and it was her first time to try.

I didn't fall - whoop!

I splurged on some yummy Oreo cake at her party/event. I figured the work out from the skating would equal it out. ;)

Saturday morning I met up with my coworker to participate in our local running store's Mother's Day Fun Run. It was a 3 mile walk or run followed by mimosas and muffins. Since my training plan called for a 5k run at race pace instead of a long run this worked out perfectly. I knew I'd be going faster than race pace (since my plans for the 10 mile are to take it easy) so I used this run to see how my 5k time has improved. The first mile was much faster than I planned because I was catching up to the group that was running. I didn't realize they were going at a 8:30 pace or so. I hit the first mile in less than 9 minutes and knew I needed to slow down or would die.

My finish time was 29:15. The last mile was difficult. I could have probably pushed it a bit more if it was an actual 5k race but it certainly wasn't comfortable either. But getting under 30 minutes is such a drastic improvement from my last 5k time. Yay strength training and weight loss!!

And even though muffins and scones are not in my regular diet anymore I also don't want to treat these things as evil on special occasions. So it was fun to splurge a bit.

The scones were super yummy.

Running life: handheld water bottle and a champagne glass along side compression socks.

That evening we relaxed with mint juleps (it was Derby day after all) and lamb kebobs and a slow walk around the neighborhood to finish up the 10,000 steps required of me by my FitBit.

Sunday morning dawned and became the perfect example of Motherhood with children trying so hard to make me breakfast but they couldn't figure out the oven and daddy wasn't helping by getting out of bed. It was 6:30 after all.... So I helped them get things started, later intervened when they managed to get a grumpy and confused daddy up and still couldn't figure out the oven, and then helped them at the end remember that plates would probably help if we were going to eat breakfast. God bless em.

Then another nice walk around the neighborhood while the kids joined me for part of the time on their bikes.

It was good to see my son back on the saddle again after his accident and concussion. He's still dealing with headaches and such but we didn't want him to be too afraid to keep riding.

We had lunch at our family favorite Mexican place and I get the afternoon to go work out some more. I plan to hit the pool finally (I really hope it's open - there seems to be a curse set upon me which prevents me from getting any pool time in my schedule).

So I'm totally not counting calories or macros this weekend but I'm still getting plenty of exercise. Tomorrow it's back to tracking everything and wondering why the scale refuses to budge. Today is just for enjoying the good life.

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