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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Doughboy Challenge 5k - 2016

Alternate blog post title: 90% humidity and no wind.

But it was overcast - small miracles. Still lots of sweat (as you'll see later when I force Pop-N-Fresh to stand by me).

The really nice thing about local 5k's is that you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare for them. It almost felt too easy to walk out of the door this morning without a bag full of crap to bring with me. I ate a PowerBar for my pre-race breakfast and tried to drink water. I saved the coffee for post race. I had done packet pick up the day before so I was ready just to roll up to the start line and go. I still got to the race area a bit early since I didn't want to deal with all the closed roads.

Last year I was blown away by the swag bag for this race. This year I was disappointed. Still free Pillsbury products but they put 5 boxes of Dora Fruit Snacks in along with a few handfuls of "fruit by the foot" type snack packs. While my kids will be happy I wanted more of those awesome Almond Dark Chocolate Nut Crisp Bars. Or other snacky goodness.

Oh well.

And I got my best race number yet: #2. I don't know if it's because I'm early in the alphabet or if I was seriously the second one to register for this thing - I did register very very early so it's possible.

Anyway, I did my pre-race "should I be running around to warm up?" pondering to which, as always, I answered, "nope" and waited for 7:30 to finally hit. I was glad I hit the port-a-potties when I did because soon the line stretched out for quite a while (my experience today in them was not as traumatic as last week).

Let's do this.

They mark this race by each kilometer rather than by mile. So I set my hopes on maintaining 6 minutes per kilometer to see if I could get a sub 30. I still wasn't hopeful because of the weather but my body felt good going into the race. Last year when I did this my leg cramped up right at the 1st K marker and that was awful. Thankfully - no such issues this year.
  • 1st K: hit it in about 5:30. Took a 30 second walking break since I knew I was going too fast
  • 2nd K: was going to hit it in about 5 minutes so I took another walking break - I was really feeling it now.
  • 3rd K: struggle, struggle, struggle. I made myself keep running but I was going slower. Still managed to get to 3K in just under 18 minutes (overall)
  • 4th K: Got to this one around 24:10 and was spent. Still possible to get under 30 minutes but not probable.
  • Finish: Realized that I couldn't up my pace to get under 30 but I was running under 10 minute miles so I was proud of myself for that. Hit my watch at 30:37. Official results haven't been posted yet and I didn't look at the print-outs post race.

So no 5k PR but the best I've done in a 5k for a long time. I felt wrecked as I crossed the finish line. It took me a few minutes of pacing around to get back to normal.  There was a friend there that I didn't go up and say hi to because I was afraid of passing out or throwing up if I tried to stop and talk. I eventually felt better and walked around the farmer's market to get some eggplants and peaches. This was the first pic I tried to take after taking my phone out of its arm holder - it shows how foggy my lens got from the humidity. Ha!

I was heading out after that because I also had to go into work by 9:30 and needed to shower first. But then I realized that I needed my obligatory photo with the Pillsbury characters. I also got half a bagel because my stomach could think about food again.

Here I am last summer with Pop N Fresh:
I had already lost at least 25 pounds in this picture.

But here I am now:
Sorry buddy I know I'm super sweaty and gross - I hope you're not dying in there.
After surviving work I then treated myself to a Blizzard. Because it's not all about losing weight and good diet choices... :)

Next race is 4 on the 4th (four miles on the 4th of July of course). I don't think I'll "race" this one but will rather do a walk/run option since it starts at 8:30 in the morning and will still be gross hot/humid. So that puts my next real race over Labor Day weekend when I do the 10k.

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