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Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday reflections...

Who knew Skeleton would fill us with such hope?

First off - new scale low: 182.6 (54.4 total loss).

Boo-yah! And second, that won't last long because I'm going to happy hour tonight.

Third, my hamstrings hate me right now. Those weights I did on Wednesday did far more than I felt while doing them.

Fourth, I survived a second round of TurboKick. My shirt was completely soaked with sweat. So gross. I've now become the "sweaty" person in the gym. But I do use a hand towel and spray equipment/mats when I'm done so at least I'm the considerate sweaty person.

Fifth, I thought I could do 20-30 minutes on the rowing machine. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ten is my limit.

Sixth, tomorrow's run is going to suck. I've only ran 2 miles this week and it was super duper hard. Not looking forward to 9 miles in the heat and humidity.

Seventh, and last, so I'm not going to sign up for the Middle Half. I'm back to thinking 4-6 mile runs are perfect.

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