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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Husk and Harry

Sunday night I went up to the big city for an amazing night of food, drinks, and music with one of my good friends.

I first heard Harry Connick Jr back in the early 90's and fell in love with the big band sound and his voice. And my love has grown over the years with his various albums, t.v. shows, and movies. I mean his character in Hope Floats? Who doesn't love Justin Matise?

So when we learned that he would be at the Ryman in Nashville we bought tickets and eagerly awaited June 12th. Then we upped the evening a notch by making reservations at Husk, which is regularly listed in the top 10 restaurants in Nashville. It's pricey but not ridiculously so.

We had early reservations and enjoyed their impressive bourbon selections along with amazing food. I didn't do the food porn photography thing since I thought it would be tacky in a nice place like that but this is what I selected from that night's menu (menu changes daily and is seasonal):
  • Starter: Aged Beef Tartare, Asparagus, Cured Egg Yolk, Buckwheat Groats
  • Supper: Bear Creek Farm Pork Prime Rib, Cabbage, Pecan Butter, Molasses Vinegar, Popped Sorghum

We call this the Batman building.
The popped sorghum was really neat - it was like teeny tiny pieces of popcorn. I am not a big cabbage fan at all and when a big wedge of it came out (instead of the slaw like I had envisioned) I was a bit disappointed but I gamely tried it and loved it. It also had feta cheese in it which they didn't mention on the menu. I talked with the waiter about it and he said that they braise the cabbage with vinegar that is made in old whiskey barrels. And thus - since you usually will have my attention at the word "bourbon" I was convinced that it must be the reason I liked that cabbage.

I was warned that the pork prime rib came with a big hunk of fat but it was all delicious and I didn't care a whit about the calorie/macro content of this meal. A place like this you just appreciate the artistry that goes into the cooking.

Since we had free and plentiful parking at the restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed our drinks we then called Uber and had them drive us the mile to the Ryman. This weekend was the CMA Festival which turns downtown Nashville into a zoo - parking is overpriced and crazy and 75% of the roads are blocked. Spending $5 on Uber was way worth it - neither of us wanted to walk through that either. Plus it was super hot and humid.

Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl 

Dress I got for this event.
You couldn't take pictures or videos of the concert and the ushers were pretty militant about catching people with phones out so you'll just have to believe me that Harry and his band were amazing and everything I hoped for.

He played a variety of songs that represented his various musical influences and styles. He really showcased the amazing talent of the band rather than just keeping the focus on himself. He was funny and charming - all the women were putty in his hands.

Even when the drunk/crazy lady rushed the stage he was gracious and charming to her and even allowed her to come up on stage so he could sing happy birthday to her. But even better was the attention he gave to a cute 9 year old who was there with her parents. 

I walked out floating and even more in love with him than I was at 17 years old when I first discovered his music.

But I've had quite a few late evenings lately and I'm really an old fuddy-duddy at heart. My bed sounded like a perfect ending for the evening. And the shape wear that helped make that dress looked good was beginning to feel very restrictive. 

I dragged myself home and realized that while my senses were amazed at the meal, my digestive track had other feelings. I took some medicine and fell asleep but the next morning reminded me that while I might have said "screw macros!" for this meal my body was really not happy with the amount of fat and meat that I ate in one sitting. I happily made boring oatmeal and a basic salad to help things settle down again.

And so, back to normal life again. But it's fun to live it up once in a while.

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