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Thursday, June 23, 2016

I'm too delicate for this!

At 8:40 this morning the temp outside is 85F and it feels like 92 (humidity is at 66%). The high today will be 97 with heat indexes in the 100's. Saturday's forecast has the same high and humidity predictions.

Lovely weather for a 5k race!
For those of you saying, "Duh - you're in the south what do you expect?"
It's been gross all week. The rec center has stayed pretty warm too. I did my mid-week run yesterday on the indoor track and it felt like it was in the 80's even inside. I wanted to see how close I could get to a 30 minute run with the 5k distance. 20 laps on the track is 3.08 miles so that's what I went for. 

Mile one was done in about 9:30'ish so I gave myself a 30 second walking break. Mile two was right around 19 minutes so I got another walking break. At about mile 2.85 I got a side cramp so I took another short walking break but I did get to mile 3 in under 30 minutes and to the full 20 laps in 30.11.

The 1:51 at Lap 19 was my side cramp.
This was a tough run even with the walking breaks. I probably could have just slowed my pace a little to run the whole thing without walking and done a little better with time. I started around a 9:15 pace and ended at a 10:00 pace - if I had just adjusted a little it would have felt more comfortable.  But it was so hot even being inside. Afterwards I had to use my towel on my legs to even grip them close enough to stretch without them sliding around like a slick pig.

So I don't know what to predict or aim for this Saturday. Part of me really wants to go for a sub 30, part of me just wants to walk the whole damn thing. In the end it will really just depend on how my body is feeling. And in the meantime I'm still a hydrating fool.

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