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Friday, June 10, 2016

Soreness is not forever

My original plan for Monday's exercise was to do Kettle Fit at lunch and Zumba that night. I was excited to go to Kettle Fit as I had not been able to go the week before and I like the instructor (he was my trainer during the spring semester).

Of course, life never turns out the way you plan it.

We had "the sub" (cue ominous music).

You know, the sub that I have purposefully avoided in the past but that I've also sucked it up and dealt with too. I guess I could have skipped class on Monday (I saw him before I walked in the door and committed myself to staying) but I was feeling remarkably self assured and wanted to take him on.

It had it's moments of pure hell but I always leave feeling proud of myself for making it through. And I really did make it through the whole class and pushed myself the whole time. There was no slacking.

But there was NO Zumba that night or any other exercise besides a slow walk around my neighborhood that night. There WAS however about 20 minutes of me collapsed on my office floor (right after class) and much in the way of shaking muscles for the remainder of the afternoon. Then a lot of soreness and a overstretched left hamstring. Honestly, I can't even remember what exercise even pulled my hamstring. There was a lot of squats which normally don't hurt those muscles but I guess that whatever we did it was a doozy - I've probably blocked it out for good reason.

I haven't let it bring me down for the rest of the week. I did switch weights for time on the elliptical and rowing machine on Wednesday because I really couldn't handle more soreness and I needed the joint friendly elliptical to work through the lactic acid build up. Spin was particularly hard as I wanted to still favor the sore hamstrings. But I've kept on going and I'll finish out my plans for this week.

I don't plan to "taper" exactly before my race next weekend but neither will I push it as hard as I have this week. My legs have taken a beating over the past couple of weeks and need a slight recovery anyway. Since I have the 10 mile race on the 18th and the 5k on the 25th I need to focus on keeping my muscles active but not beat up.

Since I did decide not to train for/run the half marathon in October I instead signed up for a 10K over Labor Day weekend. The weather will suck but I can get over that. So after the 25th my long runs will be capped at 6-7 miles and I hope to get back into shorter 2-3 mile runs during the week that focus more on speed.

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