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Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly Results: 5/30-6/5


  • Monday - 18,226 steps according to my FitBit (i.e. lots of walking around Chattanooga)
  • Tuesday - Spin & Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday - Weights and Zumba
  • Thursday - 2 mile run and Turbo Kick
  • Friday - Elliptical (30 min) and Rowing (11 min) 
  • Saturday - 2.6 mile run in rain and 2.4 mile intervals later that afternoon
  • Sunday - 5.5 mile walk and random weight exercises while watching t.v.

So I didn't get my whole long run in this weekend due to the weather. I thought about trying to fit it in today (Monday morning) but didn't want to wake up early enough (shocking I know). Last week had a lot of "I tried to do this but it didn't work out so I did this instead" moments. The weights on Wednesday really did make me sore for a while so I need to be working more on those muscle groups.

Diet went well overall. I don't feel bad about Happy Hour or brunch on Sunday (where I think I ate the equivalent of 4 avocados) because I'm beginning to feel comfortable with eating great 90% of the time and allowing myself to enjoy life and decadent pleasures in the other 10% (roughly it's not like I monitor those exact percentages). I'm still trying to aim for the 30/40/30 (fat/carb/protein) ratio but my carbs are averaging closer to 45%. Which is also fine since I do a lot of cardio. Since I'm still losing weight at this point it's good.

My "official" Monday morning weigh in was 183.0 which I'm really pleased with. A little above my low weight last week but way below last Monday's "official" weigh in (3.6 pounds down). It puts me at a good place to start this week. My hope right now is to be at my next mini-goal (176) by my annual check up on July 6th. It's just a hope rather than a goal because while weight loss is going well right now I've been at this long enough now to know that I might have a stall. Speaking of "being at this long enough", Wednesday, June 8th will be my one year mark for this latest attempt on staying on track. I think this will really mark the longest I've stayed consistent with diet and exercise.

This Week's Schedule:
  • Monday - Kettle Fit and Zumba (this is a different Zumba class than my normal and one I won't normally go to but I thought I'd check it out)
  • Tuesday - Abs and Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday - Weights and Zumba
  • Thursday - Spin and Turbo Kick
  • Friday - 5 mile easy run
  • Saturday - Run/Row workout, weights, and Swim
  • Sunday - 10 mile long run and Harry Connick Jr heart palpitations 
You'll see that I'm switching up mid-week runs for other fun cardio. I'm so ready to be done with my race in a couple of weeks and go back to shorter long runs. I'm feeling good about not signing up for the Middle Half. Sunday is the HCJr concert which should be a lot of fun and include a good meal before hand as well. Since I'll be up in Nashville I'll check out the Athleta store up there for a new swim suit as well. The time has come.


  1. Harry Connick Jr Heart Palpitations? Is that the name of the concert? Sounds like a cardio workout!

  2. No - just what will happen to me when I see HC Jr. :) I've loved him for more than 20 years now and finally get to see him in concert.