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Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekly Results 6/13-6/19

  • Monday - 2 mile run and 11 min of rowing
  • Tuesday - Yoga, Abs class, and Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday - 5k indoor run and Zumba
  • Thursday - 2 mile intervals, arm weights, and Turbo Kick
  • Friday - 45 min of easy elliptical
  • Saturday - just a little 10 mile race
  • Sunday - Rest day: 4 hours of yard work 
My legs and energy levels felt good for the race on Saturday so all of this was good prep leading up to it. More importantly, I felt really good post race as well. I could have done a regular workout on Sunday but I forced myself to take a "rest day" - not sure if 4 hours of yard work counts as "rest" but it HAD to be done. My side yard was getting out of hand. 

A couple pounds of weight gain this week since I've allowed extra calories which included movie theatre popcorn and take out. It will balance out as I eat normally again. But it's not looking good to get into the 170's before my early July annual check up.

I think I've had too high of fat grams over the past couple of weeks. It's been good fat - like what you get from a hard boiled egg or pumpkin seeds but still probably more than I actually needed since overall my weight has stayed the same throughout the past couple of weeks (not counting this weekend bump). Or it could be a dozen other factors.

I popped into Old Navy on Sunday afternoon to check out a tank/shorts sale and decided to try on some jeans. All of my jeans are size 12 or up and although it's too hot/humid for me to wear full on jeans right now I wanted to check some smaller sizes out anyway. I've noticed on the past couple of shopping trips that SOME size 10's are loose enough for me to consider a size 8. This is more of a brand issue than actual measurements since there are other brands where the 10's are way too tight (aah the joy of women's clothing). But just for S&G's I pulled out a size 8 to try on at O.N.

They fit.

I'm willing to admit that these are probably generous size 8's but heck yeah I bought them. Now to wait until October when it's cool enough to wear them....

This Week:
  • Monday: KettleFit and 2 mile intervals
  • Tuesday: Yoga, Abs, and Turbo Kick (I really like this combo)
  • Wednesday: 5K indoor run and Zumba
  • Thursday: Spin and Turbo Kick
  • Friday: 2 mile easy intervals and arm weights
  • Saturday: 5k race
  • Sunday: 3 mile walk and Ultimate Sculpt video
This will be the last week that I'll get to do Turbo Kick on a regular basis. I still want to join in when I can but it will get more complicated with my family's schedule. But it's been a really fun cardio class. I'll have to see how KettleFit goes - I've missed quite a few recently due to my work schedule and I think they've also had instructor issues. I'll just do my own leg/arms/abs work if they don't have the class. 

I want to get some runs in this week but nothing longer than the 5k. Once again, I want legs that feel good going into the race. Even though 3 miles are a lot easier to contemplate than 10 miles, it's a much faster 3 miles - no more 4/1 intervals for this one. As with the 10 mile race, it's a matter of not going out too fast because of there being hills more at the beginning than end (though the "hills" for the 5k are laughable in comparison to the 10 miler). Thankfully the majority of the last mile is all downhill. I don't think I'll get a sub 30 but I hope to be within 31 minutes. I'm looking forward to this race.

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  1. You've got some really fun classes on your schedule. I'm so boring.

    Yay to the smaller size!