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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Results: 6/20-26


  • Monday - 2 miles (speed work intervals) and Kettle Fit
  • Tuesday - Yoga, Abs class, and Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday - 5k tempo run and Zumba
  • Thursday - Spin and Turbo Kick
  • Friday - 45 min on Elliptical
  • Saturday - 5k race (30:37)
  • Sunday - Rest day
Diet was pretty good. I had gone back down to 182.6 which is my low weight thus far. But I haven't yet checked it for the start of this week. Right now I'm feeing anti-scale. I had an eating frenzy Tuesday night. My stomach was a bottomless pit. Must be hormonal as I'm not experiencing any other emotional eating issues right now.

I bought my second pair of size 8 pants - this time trouser slacks for work. They're a little tight in the waist and thighs but not so much that they're obscene. It just shows how much better the cross training has been for me in terms of body composition because I previously was just barely fitting into tight size 10's when I was this weight 6 years ago.

This Week:

  • Monday: traveling, ended up having an extra rest day
  • Tuesday: Yoga, meant to add another cardio exercise to this but never got around to it
  • Wednesday: Weights plus 2 mile intervals and Zumba
  • Thursday: Spin
  • Friday: TRX and elliptical
  • Saturday: Zumba
  • Sunday: 3-4 mile interval run
On Monday I picked my kids and husband up from Atlanta's airport. They have been gone for the past month visiting his family. That's why I was able to tack on all the extra classes for the past few weeks - no one had any demands on my time (besides work of course). So this week my workout schedule might be less than what I have listed above. It will depend on how they're adapting to the time change again (they travelled internationally) and our family schedule. 

The TRX class is new to me. They just started offering it at our rec center but I haven't been able to fit the class in yet since it conflicts with other classes I enjoy. But now they're offering it on Friday in place of Friday's Kettle Fit. I've heard that it gets a little crowded in that class so I'm going to check it out and then see if it's something I'll add onto my regular rotation. 

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