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Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Results: 6/6-6/12

  • Monday - Kettle Fit and a short easy walk around my neighborhood
  • Tuesday - Abs and Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday - Elliptical, Rowing, and Zumba
  • Thursday - Spin and Turbo Kick
  • Friday - rest day
  • Saturday - Zumba, Run/Row workout, weights, and abs
  • Sunday - 8.24 mile long run and 1.25'ish walk
I was supposed to run on Friday but left my shoes at home and didn't feel motivated enough to go home to get them and go back to exercise. I probably needed a rest day anyway. I did feel pretty normal again on Saturday after being sore for the majority of the week. I threw in some extra exercise on Saturday to make up for some of the lost run.

Diet and Weight:
The scale stayed steady all week (at 182.8-183.0) until I ate an absurd amount of pizza on Friday night. I'd rather not talk about it...

This Week:

  • Monday - Kettle Fit (if the right instructor is there, otherwise run and weights)
  • Tuesday - abs and turbo kick
  • Wednesday - weights and Zumba
  • Thursday - 3 mile intervals and turbo kick
  • Friday - elliptical
  • Saturday - 10 mile race
  • Sunday - rest day
I'll avoid "the sub" if he teaches Kettle Fit this week. I just can't risk the extra soreness. 

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