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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4 on the 4th - Race Recap

More on my current state in a later post but first let's catch up a little bit.

A billion years ago it was the 4th of July (or at least that's how it feels in my head). I had signed up for a 4 mile fun run that benefits a local charity called A Solider's Child Foundation. This group helps children who's parent(s) have died while in active duty with the military. They sponsor camps, scholarships, Christmas and birthday gifts to name a few. I had first heard of this race last summer but didn't feel up to trying to go 4 miles in the heat at that point in my fitness journey.

My patriotic crew.
So this year I signed up for it but didn't plan to "race" it. It was really hot and miserable that morning so not "racing" ended up being a great plan. This race is held less than a mile from my house so I didn't get there super early. In fact, I was down to the wire on actually crossing the start line on time but it all turned out well. My family came to watch and play on some of the bounce houses and such while I was running so I actually have some pictures and a video.

While I didn't "race" this course I did want to try and stick with at least 11 minute miles. My first mile was good. I felt energetic and happy to be running for a good cause. I had loaded my playlist with movie theme songs which is one of my new favorite things to run along to. Then I looked at my watch and saw I was over 11 minutes and still hadn't hit the first mile. Suddenly I was exhausted so I walked for the first time. And good Lord it was so hot and humid. Finally hit one mile around 12 minutes and just couldn't understand it. So I thought, "I think mile 1 was marked wrong."

When I hit mile 2 earlier than expected my suspicions were proven correct. After that first walking break I switched into my run 4/walk 1 minute intervals. This worked out well for the remainder of the race. It just got hotter and more awful but I finished up with 11:01 splits so I was happy at the end even though the middle part was pretty rough.

It was a great start to the 4th and also helped me feel better about the amount of food and drink I consumed later. This of course, started my downward diet spiral but at the time two or three margaritas didn't seem like a bad choice...

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