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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Excuse me while I finish eating this donut...

Fact of life: Eating and drinking all you want while also not exercising will cause weight gain.

Just in case you were confused about that and needed to know.

Vacation time is over and there was no exercising while I was gone. But there was lots and lots of eating and wine drinking. Oh well - such is life. This next few days will still be a bit off schedule as my husband is out of town and I have to adjust my work schedule to drop the kids off at camp which means no exercise classes because I'm working through lunch and such. But I'm determined to get some workouts in at home and to reset my diet.

So starting tomorrow it's like going back to June of last year where calories are low and sugar is mostly eliminated. At least for a couple of weeks. It's crazy how just gaining a few pounds back makes me mentally feel like I'm at square one again. I know I'm not but the mental game is hard.

Another fact of life is that I'm still dealing with TSH levels that are adjusting themselves. Got my blood work back last week and those levels are high so that helps to explain the fatigue of the last month or so. So we're adjusting my meds and I hope to feel more perky in the next couple of weeks.

My other blood work is great. No issues with cholesterol or anything else. Lord if I didn't have thyroid issues and could lose another 20 pounds I'd be a perfect human specimen who wouldn't have to deal with health coaching calls. But alas, I like to eat - a lot.

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  1. Your post always crack me up! I love reading your blogs!