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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Me v. Me

I'm not completely at square one but I have taken a few steps back. At least mentally if nothing else. My only workouts this week were a 2 mile run on Friday and Zumba plus some weight lifting today (Saturday). Just starting both of those workouts required me to push myself hard. I'm feeling super lazy.

Then again.

It's not all a lack of will power. I'm slowly feeling a bit better with the change in my thyroid meds but the funk you feel when those levels are off is real. Fatigue, depression, metabolism slow down - all are real jerks to deal with.

Then right as I'm climbing out of that pit my body hits me with major sinus congestion and an UTI.

But with the workouts yesterday and today I know that I can get back into the grove again. It's just a matter of getting myself out the door each day until the joy/need to do it feelings come back. Both of the workouts were great, the run went far better than I thought it would and it felt good to concentrate on weights again - it was just getting myself mentally ready to start them. At some point hopefully I will get my diet back under control as well. I know I've written a similar version of this same post for the last three weeks but July is just turning out not to be a great training month.

With that being said, I've changed my 10K goals. There's no way, with only 6 weeks left, that I'll get enough "omph" back in me to get a sub-60 this time around. And that's ok. My real long term goal is not to get certain times in races but rather to just stay active. Heat indexes have been in the 100's here this week (same as many other areas under this heat dome) so I did my run yesterday inside on the indoor track.  Less boring than the treadmill but still not something that's ideal for runs longer than 2-3 miles. However I'd rather be bored than try to run when it's 90 something and humid outside.

I'll run on Sunday (probably indoors again since I won't be able to work out until the afternoon) and then starting on Monday my schedule looks a little better to get back to a couple of the classes I really enjoy. Or I could employ an evil clown as my next personal trainer if I don't pull things together this week.

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  1. This summer weather is making me really glad I'm not training for a fall marathon. Or for anything else!