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Friday, July 1, 2016

On to the next thing

This week is quickly turning into a recovery week because I keep skipping workouts. I keep telling myself that I must need it. Justification is pretty easy for me.

Zumba night on Wednesday didn't happen because the kids wanted to have friends over and so we had a lovely evening of being neighborly instead of sweating a lot. I also snacked a lot.

Anyway, even though I'm only a couple days into being both a sloth and a glutton I start to think the whole thing is going downhill and I put on my fat pants and grab another fun size bag of Skittles.

But all is not lost! I have plans and races on my calendar. And a silly little goal to get a sub 60 minute 10K. I did the pace calculator thing and figured out that means 9:38 splits. Considering that 9:58 splits almost killed me last weekend for the 5k this is a goal that will need a lot of work. But I have 9 weeks until Labor Day weekend to figure something out (I'm just ignoring this week - I'll get what I can get and move on).

So out came my worksheet and I planned out mileage and running workouts for the next 9 weeks. I did this for the 10 mile race too and somewhat kept to the schedule. I like making plans more than actually keeping them. But it's important to at least try and make a plan if you have a specific goal right? I assume that's what real sporty people do.

The first 3 weeks of the 9 have some planning obstacles but I've tried to work around those other obligations. Also, my regular exercise classes might not be offered between 8/8 and 8/22 so I haven't penciled in all the various classes I enjoy beyond Zumba which is done outside of the University and therefore not based on the semester's class schedule.

Speed work paces will look more like tempo runs but I think it will work for me. I will have 3 pace levels as indicated on the bottom. I'll probably go in 1/4 miles at the goal pace and recover for 1/10 of a mile - and of course a warm up/cool down section as well. Currently I plan to stick with the treadmill for speed work because I need to learn consistency and make it longer at a faster pace rather than going faster than I mean to and then crashing.

Some days will have both running and strength training - some days where I have "cross" might end up just as rest days. And there's a high likelihood that I'll skip a good number of these planned workouts. But it seems to work out on paper (much like our family budget and yet...)

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  1. I think having a schedule really helps a ton. I'm not training for anything right now, but when I'm in the thick of marathon training there's something really satisfying about crossing off a workout!