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Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Results: 6/26-7/3

Well, this will be easy.

Tuesday: Yoga
Friday: TRX class
Saturday: Zumba
Sunday: Ultimate Sculpt video

Diet and Weight:
Still haven't checked in with the scale.  Food: too much

This Weeks Schedule:

  • Monday: 4 on the 4th - 4 mile race (will probably run/walk it), only aiming for under 45 minutes.
  • Tuesday: Yoga and elliptical plus weights
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: Riding in a car the whole damn day
  • Friday-Sunday: walk or run if I can fit it into my schedule
I do have certain workouts penciled in for this weekend but we're taking another trip further into the deep south and we'll be pretty busy with family. Prior experience tells me I probably will skip most of the weekend's workouts. Might be quiet on the blog as well but I'll do a race post even thought I'm not actually racing it.

My annual physical is on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to seeing what my blood work shows and getting further down on the BMI scale for my official health records.

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