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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

30 days of Yoga

Yoga bear vs Yogi Bear
One of the blogs I read regularly is "Run, Eat, Repeat" - link on my blog scroll on the right.  A few days ago she posted about doing a 30-day Yoga challenge. But it was a pretty low key challenge as in - do the kind of yoga you want to do for 30 days (not like these 30-day push up challenges where you end up doing 5 billion push ups at the end)...


I read it on Monday this week and thought - "Heck! I'm already one day in, let's go for 29 more!"

On Sunday, I went to that Yoga Brunch at our local brewery. I ended up meeting 3 other friends there and it was fun to do as a group but the class itself was definitely different than what I'm used to.

  1. The building was super duper hot and stuffy. The class was held in the warehouse portion where they have the beer vats. Which means limited air conditioning, dusty concrete floors, and I'm like 95% sure I saw a dead rat in a corner which really messed up my zen.
  2. It was crowded. I almost got kicked in the head about 5 times. Also, not good for my zen.
  3. Because of the heat and crowdedness - it got a bit smelly. 
  4. But on the bright side it was challenging but not overwhelming. Some stretches I was able to do better than others, the balance stuff went pretty well for me.
  5. The food at the end was good.
So that was day 1 of my yoga challenge and I didn't even know I had started a yoga challenge.

Day two (Monday) was after reading Monica's post and decided that I liked the idea. I read through some comments on that post and found links to YouTube videos. As my workout that day was 4 miles on the indoor track I really needed something to stretch me out that evening.

I picked this video based on the comments: Yoga for Runners: Pre-Run. Yes, yes - I did this pre-run yoga AFTER my run but it was several hours after so I needed that pre-run stretch again. And boom - day 2 of the challenge done.

This morning (Tuesday) I had to wait around the house for the bug spray people to do their quarterly inspection. That meant I wouldn't be able to go to my beloved Tuesday morning yoga class. This class is awesome because it's not power yoga at all. It's good stretches but very very calming. It's my favoritest yoga ever. Favoritest is too a word...

So instead I tried to squeeze in a "gentle morning yoga" video before the kids got up and going. I picked one out and got about 10 minutes into it before realizing it was just a "breathing" yoga video. I like gentle but not that gentle... I started a second video but the kids were up and I had to wait so we could get all of our morning stuff done and them out the door (school has started again down here).

Finally, everyone was out the door and I had enough time for a 20'ish minute video and I picked this one: 

I would prefer a little more stretching than this one offered. But if you're looking for some really easy yoga in the morning it's not bad. The only thing about her videos is that I have to put on some songs in the background to help my mood.

So in the days ahead I'm keeping my options open for my daily yoga practice. Some days it will be videos like this, or I have a longer more "power yoga" DVD as well. Some days it might just be 5-10 minutes of moves that I choose post run to help stretch out. But I really like the idea of setting aside this time for stretching, reflection, and relaxation.

The start of school is a bit stressful for me (and my son) as he starts middle school. I'm very tempted to eat my feelings and anxiety - as if that will help the situation at all. I did pretty well yesterday - the yoga helped.

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