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Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm awesome! Oh wait, nope - going to throw up...

I did it. I got back to Kettle Fit.

There's a new instructor this semester (well he's not new to the rec center but he just started teaching this class back in August and I haven't been there until now). But I've had him once before when he subbed for Kettle and I've watched him as a trainer with some other staff members. I knew it would be a good work out but I underestimated how quickly my gains had disappeared.

I had some time before the class started to hit the indoor track. I took it easy and got about 1.5 miles in 15-16'ish minutes (I wasn't really even paying attention to pace). I was mostly just amazed at how much better it felt to run inside as compared to my outside run on Saturday where it was 85 degrees and the humidity was at 4,000,000,000%. I spent THAT entire 4 mile run (which was done in intervals even) thinking, "thank God I switched to the 5k." Actually that outdoor run - because I took it easy - wasn't too bad. It was nasty hot but I actually had a good attitude throughout the run. However, I did feel very good about my decision to switch down to the shorter distance and the chance to enjoy the race more rather than just suffering for the sake of suffering.

So back to today, I did my mile and a half and then skipped down to the kettle class, expecting it to be just fine and the first 10 minutes were (warm up, squats, lifting the kettle, some planks, more squats). Then the next 5 minutes got harder, then the next 8 minutes were spent with me trying to catch my breath, not pass out, and not throw up. It was going to be like "Day One" on the Biggest Loser except there were no buckets for me to use. Thankfully, since I did take my effort down several notches I got through the crisis without embarrassing myself and was able to finish the class. But it was dicey there for a while and I'm already sore.

During those 8 minutes I just kept thinking, "crap - I just requested that this guy be my personal trainer this year."

But no really, it's going to be good. I need someone who's tougher than my last trainer and I imagine that every session with this guy is going to seriously push me out of my comfort zones. Sessions don't start until next week and the first week is always just an initial assessment so expect further, "I'm dying" blog posts to be written throughout the semester.

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