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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Keeping the magic alive

I knew the DOMS would be bad from Monday's Kettle class and they are. I didn't have a chance to work out on Tuesday so they were really bad by that afternoon and evening.

I had to stop by Walgreens for some other things and went ahead and bought a tube of generic BenGay.

I came home and whispered to my husband, "I'm going to smell like an old man tonight!"

He advised me to go sleep upstairs. Guess that's not what does it for him.

Which is probably a good thing in the long run.

Tonight is Zumba and then taking it a little easy until Saturday's 5k. I want to go all out this week and get my exercise mojo fully back but I need to be able to run and not hobble by Saturday morning.
Apparently not my husband's type.

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  1. Haha! My running stuff doesn't do it for my hubs either...