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Monday, August 1, 2016

My best motivator

Alas, last week started well and ended poorly. I did battle a bit of a virus that knocked me out on Thursday but the other days I could have sucked it up and got some exercise done. So forget about a weekly results post.

But today starts a new month. And even though I too chuckle at the "my diet starts Monday - again" memes on the interwebs, I don't doubt the mental boost you get by starting fresh in a new month.

We'll just call July my rest month. Sure...

But what really has helped me today was looking at this picture over the weekend....

This was mid-April, 2015. I was probably around 230 pounds at this point. The biggest change that leaps out to me is in my face.

Mid-May 2016, around 185
Since I've gained a few pounds back in this past month and lost some of my exercising mojo - part of me feels like I've gone all the way back to step one again. But as I looked at the pictures from our trip to our favorite state park last year I can see the physical changes that still exist. And I also know the mental and emotional changes that I've benefited from by getting active and healthy again.

It's not just about the scale and "image" - it's about knowing that I'm active and proactive about doing the right things for my body.

So today, with the exception of a couple Reeses Cups, my diet has been on point. I wanted MORE chocolate but I calmed myself down. I made up for the sugar/carbs with a high protein/low carb dinner. I did a C25K run on the indoor track and an exercise video at home. I'm pre-planning my meals and exercise for tomorrow as well.

But the thing I'm most looking forward to this week is a Sunday Yoga Brunch at our local brewery. 

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