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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So about that 10k...

In 18 days I'm supposed to run a 10k in under 60 66 72 minutes. I'm even thinking of switching it down to the 5k because 6 miles is hard.

Yes, I'm a whiny baby. And proud of it.

I always forget how awful it is to run outside in August. When I took my walk on Sunday it was hard just to walk, forget about running. On Monday I ran 3 miles inside doing my run 4 minutes, and walk 1 minute routine. Even inside it felt harder than it should. But the run 4/walk 1 is the only way I'll get through a 10k right now. I had hoped to keep consistent with my training and be faster but it's just not going to happen that way.

I'm a little bummed but really, it doesn't matter in the bigger scheme of things. I'm never going to be a fast runner. Sure I can get faster but I don't see myself as being someone who will place overall or even within AG. One, I really am not competitive enough. Two, I don't thrive on that kind of drive and discipline. I'm not saying either of those areas are bad - I love reading about other people's "beast modes" but it's not a part of my DNA. Seriously, I watch dystopian or apocalyptic type of movies/shows and think, "Yep, I'd be the first one dead." 

And the past (almost) 10 years of running have shown me that I have times when I'm doing really well and times when it might be better for me to just go ahead and get a hover chair.

Instant Coke Zero?! Sign me up!
Thankfully, I'm not at the hover chair stage right now. I do still enjoy running, albeit more slowly than at the beginning of the summer. And most likely, when October rolls around and temps are lovely again I'll bust out the "maybe I can get a sub-???" thoughts again. For now, it's just about finishing the race and doing the best I can.


  1. I think that you just doing it is awesome! I'm just starting to run and I think most people could walk faster than I run. But, I'm doing it and that's still something to be proud of. Don't beat yourself up to bad! Be happy at all your accomplishments.