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Thursday, September 22, 2016

If I fall off the wagon blame S.L.

Y'all it's killing me. I can't stand it.

Fall flavored cake donuts!?! Sign me up for 3000!!! 3000 dozen that is! I have also saved the following links over the past month:

Every day it's deliciousness and boozy dreams coming through my Facebook feed. I should probably stop following them. (The tiny house plans link is for my other dream to own a little cabin in the woods so we can escape this stupid heat. This plan just requires that we win the lottery. #goals)

I did, however, repeatedly say no to an apple cider donut that some evil kind person brought into work today to celebrate the beginning of fall. It was not easy but I'm still in a stage where just one indulgence will probably lead to a binge. So it's easier to just say no initially than have to say no to continued eating.

Yes, fall officially begins today in case you didn't see this in the 1 billion other places on the web - AND it's still 90+ degrees and humid outside. Cursed September.

In other news, on Wednesday I did go to Kettle which is taught by my trainer and I'm happy to report that I finally got through a workout with him where I didn't feel the need to upchuck. I was getting worried about my street cred. And today I went to an Abs and Tone class that I haven't done in a long time but always enjoy. Additionally I got my annual flu shot so I don't know if my arm is sore due to working out or the shot.

All I have to say is that the shot better work this year. I do not want a repeat of what I went through in February when I managed to get the flu in spite of having the shot last year. That was awful. I still have a shrine to Tamiflu in my house. Which I'm totally willing to move to my tiny cabin in the woods.

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