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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

That time I sustained an injury while trying to give up Coke Zero...

It's fine - I didn't need skin on those fingers anyway.
I know you can barely tell, but humor me by totally agreeing that you can see the red burnt skin on my pointer and middle fingers (below the knuckles). In the glass is "iced" green tea, with melted ice. The evil villain in this whole story.

So part of the initial conversation with my trainer last week was that he really wanted me to give up Coke Zero. I know it's horrible for me but I love it. I also knew I would have to give it up if I was going to be accountable for my food/drink intake with the trainer. So while it was of no surprise it still is a little sad.

At the time, last week, I still had a good portion of my normal 12 pack box that I buy so that I can bring a cold can with me every day for lunch. My campus has a contract with Pepsi instead of Coke and Diet Pepsi is just so nasty that the only way I can drink it is if it's in a fountain drink and I hate over paying for fountain drinks in our student union. So I have to bring my addictions with me to work.

So I now have one lone Coke Zero in my fridge and I decided to hoard it for a little while (or at least until my husband notices it and drinks it making me justifiably mad and causing an argument). Monday I went the whole day with just my one cup of coffee to start the day. The rest of the day I downed a ton of water. Predictably I had a massive headache at 4 p.m. due to caffeine withdrawal.

Tuesday morning I decided to make some green tea. Then I had the brilliant idea to turn it into iced tea. See, I don't like un-sweetened hot tea but I'm fine with it if it's iced. My weird brain at work again. This was all a great idea until I poured half the cup of brewed hot tea onto my fingers while trying to transfer it into the cup with ice.

#$%* it.

But the highlight was tons of leftover fruit and veggies in the work fridge from an event we had last night. So my morning snack was much more exciting and colorful than normal. Maybe it will help me forget the pain of my scalded fingers.

Mondays with M
So I finally had my first training session with my trainer and it didn't go great. Not his fault - my body decided that it could only handle battle ropes, push-ups, and squats before my heart rate sky-rocketed and I felt like I was going to puke (just like a couple of weeks ago when I did kettle). He was kind about it all. He said it was more likely to come from the fact that I was switching between different positions (like push-ups to squats) pretty quickly and that changed my blood pressure and heart rate. So he'll change up some of that stuff - keeping me in one vertical or horizontal position at a time. But it cut short some of the exercising because I had to give it some time to recover and not want to puke or pass out. I hate, hate, hate feeling like that. Even if it's out of my control it makes me feel weak and out of shape. Because those exercises are things I should be able to handle without feeling like that. But I'm dealing with it and moving on.

Last week I started off fine and things again went downhill. So far this week things are going great and I'm really trying to control my eating. Looking at sodium levels has been pretty annoying but I'm trying to make some changes to my regular staples in my diet and progressively cut down on my daily intake.

We also had a conversation about my coffee creamer. He said, "But that's at least 70 calories a day and if we multiply it by 7 days and then by 10 weeks just cutting that out would help with weight loss."

I replied, "I'm a white girl in her late 30's. The pumpkin spice creamer is staying until Thanksgiving."

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