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Sunday, September 4, 2016

The I'm not really going to race but then again... 5k race report

It was gorgeous on Saturday morning. Even if I was awake far earlier than I would prefer on a weekend. At 6:20 when I left my house the outside temps were 62 degrees and it didn't feel humid at all - though how humidity feels in the south is pretty relative to what you're used to.

The night before I wondered if I should wear a tank or t-shirt. Then silly me realized that the mid-60's are still pretty darn warm once you get going and a tank top was used. And while I did get sweaty I never felt overheated.

The 5k didn't start until 7:20 but I was worried about getting into the parking lot and settled since the 10k started at 7:00. Then they only had 4 port a potties set up so that line took quite a while. While there a friendly gal behind me was trying to chat and I still was in my, "this is too early and I need coffee" mind fog.

I was surprised to find that I only knew like 1 or 2 people at the race. I guess other people had better Labor Day weekend plans. But since I wasn't feeling up to being chatty and friendly it's probably for the best.

After a while my brain had woken up enough that I really did appreciate the beautiful morning, the chance to be healthy enough to race, and the spirit of the community. I started the race in a good mood and hit mile one at 10:33 which is far faster than I had planned on going. So I thought, well golly, let's at least do this within 11 min/mile splits. Even if it wasn't going to be my best 5k it didn't have to be my worst either.

Mile 2 was slower with a 11:30'ish split but I could still finish within my new goal. And I was able to get through at the end just barely squeaking by with an overall pace of 10:59, finishing at 34:03.  And then since I still felt kind of bad (stupid brain) about switching down to the 5k I went to Zumba afterwards for an extra cardio burn. And after that I was super tired for the day and took a nap and was grouchy at everyone in my family for the rest of the day.

Aah the life of a kinda runner.

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