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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TRX part deux

Ah the smile that comes after a workout where you didn't feel like passing out.

So the plan for Tuesday was to have a rest day and just go to yoga which was supposed to be on the schedule again. Sadly, there was a miscommunication about that and there will be no Tuesday morning yoga anymore. This makes me very sad. But my co-worker wanted to go to TRX at lunch time and convinced me to come along (actually three of us went together and had a pic taken which is where the one above comes from - I just cropped them out since I'm not sure they would want their faces up on the inter-webs outside of our Facebook circles). This is just the second time I've been able to make it to the TRX class and it was a new instructor for me.

When the instructor showed us all the exercises for the day my first thought was, "crap that's a lot of arm and chest work after I just did a lot of arm and chest work yesterday." I wasn't sure how I'd hold up during the class. But it went great! It was 5 variations of chest presses and chest fly exercises with one round of battle ropes thrown in just for fun. Sure there were a couple of exercises where I had some good ol' muscle fatigue and couldn't quite keep up the pace (push ups and pull ups) but I made it through the whole circuit (twice) and felt good afterwards. I even then went and ran an easy mile upstairs on the track before going back to my office. And all the time I thought, "and why am I not rocking it like this while I meet with my trainer - UGH!"

My shoulders are wicked sore today so I don't know if I'll go to my planned Kettle class. I might instead focus just on leg work on my own. 

My diet is amaze-balls right now. Right on track for everything and I'm not feeling a grudge against any of the restrictions. I'm just appreciating this rare moment while I have it. I'm right around 189 pounds right now. Which in perspective isn't too bad of a gain (7 pounds) given my lack of exercising and many binging moments of the past couple of months. I'm not hung up on a +/- of a few pounds because my weight can fluctuate so rapidly. I mean one cheat meal at a Mexican place and I'm up 3 pounds but a couple good days of diet and exercise I'm back down again. My biggest frustration with myself right now is not reflected on the scale but rather in my mentality about the whole thing. That I  have so many moments of just not feeling "it" and therefore saying "f-it, I'll eat what I want" even though at that point it's completely mindless eating. And knowing that this mental fight is the real battle I'll have for the rest of my life, that it's not something that will magically go away if I ever hit my goal weight. 

So for the next 12 weeks (which is the amount of time I have with my personal trainer for this semester) my goal isn't to lose "x" amount of pounds but just to do the following:
  1. Exercise 5 times a week. Even if one of those days is low intensity such as a walk or elliptical. It will take me a while to feel like I'm not "wasting" the other two days but I'm sure I'll get over that feeling pretty quickly.
  2. But at least 3 of the 5 exercising days are strength training days. I'm far more interested in muscle definition than losing pounds or hitting a certain running pace right now.
  3. Do my best with diet. It's not about never having a treat but it is about not grabbing a half dozen snack bags of candy from the office drawer and plowing through them as if that will help me somehow. It doesn't help. Ever.
That's it but that's enough. It's my hope to start working towards this just as a new lifestyle rather than a temporary mini-goal to get me to that next magic scale number. I assume my weight will naturally go lower if I'm doing the things above but if I stay in the 180's so be it. It's about the journey rather than the destination right? Or some other motivational crap like that... ;)

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  1. You're right...now it is about the journey! I think you're on the right track with strength training. Strong is the new skinny, or so they say...