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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Begins

Guilty as charged.
And with it, me and a couple billion other people, have the original idea of getting back on track and in shape again.

Actually, I've been really, really ready for a few weeks but I knew it was rather pointless with the holidays looming. Much drinking and eating was done - a last hurrah of sorts. But the holidays are over now. Christmas is back in the attic and the cookies and sweets have all been ingested.

So this morning, out in the misty rain, I started with a 3 mile walk. It's part of my plan, a quite ambitious plan but very do-able.

  1. Cardio/Mileage: 20 miles a week. This won't be just running - I'm not THAT ambitious. This will be a mix of walking, starting C25K again, and even the elliptical. I wondered for a while if I should count the elliptical in my mileage but I decided that I would since the weather won't always be agreeable to go outside and this will give me a low impact cardio option while still meeting my goals. The C25K is necessary to build up endurance again. It's my tried and true routine. I'll start week one and go through it week by week.
  2. Weights/toning: still working on my exact plan but at least 4 days out of the week. Once group classes begin again that will definitely be a part of this portion of the plan. I want to think through this a bit more once I get over the hurdle of getting back into the habit again.
  3. Diet: back to tracking and sticking to lower calories (1200-1500 overall). Trying to get to certain percentages of fat/carb/protein (35/35/30). And for now, eliminating most wheat products. I'm not really going gluten free as I consider that too bothersome but I can easily lower the amount I eat and get fairly close to gluten free for a while. The only reason I'm trying it is that many say it's good for people with thyroid problems. And sugar is going away as well. Too much sugar in my life for the past month. We really need to break up. And no alcohol for at least a month. Bye bye bourbon.
  4. Weight loss goals: I'm sad to say that I've gained about 25 pounds in the last 6 months. The biggest portion over the last 2 months. Even though I was exercising pretty regularly it wasn't at the right intensity and my diet was "no holds barred". So as far as weight maintenance was concerned that exercise was pointless. I want to lose 15 of these regained pounds over the month of January. That's really ambitious but my theory is that a good 7 pounds is probably mostly bloat. So once that comes off the real weight loss is more manageable. After that I will give myself until the end of March to get back where I left off, which was around 182 I believe.
When meeting with my trainer back in late August or early September he said I did too much cardio (based on his seeing me a few times at the gym and a 5 minute intake interview). I took his word for it thinking that he knew better than I did. But the only time I've seen significant weight loss is when I have a higher amount of cardio. This doesn't have to be running though. It can be cardio from a number of different sources. Back in March last year my progress was stagnant as I concentrated on toning - once I added cardio back on I went over the plateau and started losing again.  

I don't necessarily think the trainer was wrong - I know a LOT of people benefit from focusing more on weights and diet. AND if I had been better with my diet I'm sure I would have been better too. But I'm almost 40 now, and I know what I enjoy, and what has worked for me. I do honestly enjoy most cardio - not super high intensity bouts that make my heart rate skyrocket and make me want to vomit - but getting into that 150-160 heart beat range is lovely. Thus daily cardio is back in my plan.

So will I stay on track 100% of the time and never eat what I'm not supposed to and always exercise for 60 minutes a day?

Of course not. But I have the mindset to get started right now and to be motivated to make the changes I know are necessary. So what if it comes wrapped up in the cliche of New Year's Resolutions?  It's better than sitting on the couch doing nothing. I'm sick of doing nothing. 


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  1. I was considering an anti-inflammatory diet. But it's just too restrictive. I'll never be able to do it. I mean, no wine and no chocolate? Hello?