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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Anger Runs and Cookie Therapy

Tuesday was a frustrating day. I got some news that in the long run is not a big deal but at the moment seriously ticked me off. Never have I been more thankful to be able to run - even if it's still in intervals.

I almost left to run right after receiving the news but I had to process it a little. Then I got super hungry and decided that going for a run while feeling that hungry would not result in a good run. So I switched my lunch hour to be at the end of the day and went ahead and ate my planned meals. There were no candy drawer raids. Of course it helps that all the current candy in the drawer is disgusting to me.

But after work I got to the gym. The plan for that day was just the elliptical and row machine but I added in another C25K run. I needed the higher intensity of the runs and calming influence of just going in circles around the inside track. Yes, inside running can be more boring but I can also zone out and not worry about traffic, stranger danger, bad road or sidewalk conditions, or weather.

My hamstrings were super tight going into the run but I knew they'd ease up once I got warmed up - which they did.

I ended up with 2 miles to get through the C25K run, 2 miles on the elliptical, and 2000 meters on the rower. I was pleasantly tired and in a better frame of mind.

Then I did some grocery shopping, went home, did NOT drink wine (which is a normal thing to do when I'm ticked off but I'm trying to stop that habit), ate a healthy dinner, and the last of my Halo Top. I was still under calories for the day so my gift to myself was eating two delicious cranberry/white chocolate chip cookies.

Of course, I had to stake claim on my Halo Top when my son found it in the freezer and was about to eat it. Mommy doesn't share food when she's on a diet. People need to learn that and back away, slowly, while not making eye contact.


  1. I keep Hershey's nuggets in the freezer and I'll never forget the day my youngest found them. He still eats them. I just buy more.

  2. If Halo Top wasn't so expensive I might feel more generous but there was a carton of butter pecan in there too so he was SOL on my ice cream. :)