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Friday, January 27, 2017

Finally a post in which I do not complain or whine (mostly)

It's actually been a great week despite some of my protestations on here lately. Maybe this change in attitude is because I've lost another pound off my back/arse over the course of this week. I haven't gotten as many running miles in but it's been a fantastic week for cardio and strength training. Though, I'm not sure how well I'll get up and down from sitting tomorrow once the DOMS set in...

I complained a couple posts back about the changes to the group classes being held at lunch and I'm woman enough to admit that I might have just been whining about nothing. I tried out two of those classes this week and actually really enjoyed them.  The first was a step class which turned out to be a step and tone class. So we only spent 15 minutes doing the step portion and then another 15 minutes with toning - mostly arms but a couple of leg exercises were thrown in too. Since the step portion only lasted 15 minutes it was long enough to get super sweaty and winded but not to feel like I was going to hurl because my HR was up to 180 BPM. And I threw it in as extra cardio on my normal Zumba day and it didn't turn out to affect me badly at all. I was just super hungry on Thursday to make up for it.

Today (Friday) was a new class which was described as a Boot Camp type of class. It was easier than most Boot Camps I've done but has definite potential to build up to a really solid, challenging workout (this was the first time this guy has taught the class). Today's class had a lot of hamstring/glute work so that's why I worry about my ability to get up and down tomorrow. There was one move that was kind of like a Turkish Get-Up that completely kicked my tail.

Diet has been solid all week long. Even with the extra hunger on Thursday I ate extra protein rather than carbs. I've avoided pastries, cake, and donuts that have been available this week to me at work without feeling like I'm missing out on anything. I wish that I could bottle this kind of feeling about not needing to eat everything I see. I swear it's all hormonal since some days I seem to be absolutely fine with will power and other days there's no hope for me at all.

In other musings, I stopped by our local whole foods type market - Sprouts - on Wednesday night because I needed a couple of things and had fun wandering through the aisles looking at their products. I picked up some awesome olives, wasabi pistachios (yum), and fruit and then grossed myself out by looking at some other things. The one that got me was in their "raw" section. They had something called "chewable juice" and I was so disgusted by the name that I didn't even look further at it. I would love to know if someone out there is a big fan of this juice and can justify its name. 

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  1. Sounds like a good week all around, chewable juice and all!