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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Four Days Strong

And 5.2 pounds of bloat gone so far. And not from juicing or some other starvation diet. My calorie intake has been between 1500-1700 per day but my carbs have stayed fairly low (114-155) which is probably helping the rapid loss of bloat. I know this will stop within another day or so and then the real weight loss will begin again. But it's still fun to see rapid loss on a scale even though you know it's really just water and air.

Workouts thus far:

  • Sunday: 3 mile walk
  • Monday: 1 mile walk and 2 mile C25K run
  • Tuesday: 3 miles on elliptical and weights (arms/legs)
  • Wednesday (will be):  1 mile walk and 2 mile C25K run and Zumba
Workouts Planned:
  • Thursday: 3 miles on elliptical, row 2000 meters, and different weights (arms/legs again)
  • Friday: 1 mile walk and 2 mile C25K run, and Yoga
  • Saturday: Zumba and 3 mile walk
Next week I'll try to get 2 additional days of weights in - that's always my weakness when I don't have classes that automatically include strength training.

And in regular life - 
We're all back to our normal schedules. I'm back to work and the kids are back in school. The 5:45 a.m. alarm was not pleasant this morning but routine is good even if I will miss sleeping in. My daughter just got braces and so we're dealing with that melodrama but actually she's doing pretty good with it - I remember those first few days of soreness well even though it's been almost 25 years since I went through it. 

Sleep and insomnia are still issues for me. I think it's partially thyroid and partially other hormones. Most of my female friends deal with this in their late 30's through 40's so I'm sure it has to do with all our lovely perimenopausal stuff that starts to happen at this time. But it's also worth noting that my last thyroid check in early December showed me as WAY hyper-thyroid (instead of normal or my typical hypo). My TSH was at .044 on a scale where .35 is the lowest end of normal which means that my meds were too high (although my T4 and T3 were in the normal ranges). I've reduced the synthroid dosage and should start to see some improvements over the next few weeks. And here I was thinking a thyroidectomy would make my thyroid stuff easier to deal with. Sigh, at least I had 3-4 months of feeling good.

For the insomnia I've tried melatonin which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. But cutting back on sugar and caffeine like I have in the past few days should also help. I'm trying to just do the one cup of coffee in the morning and iced green tea instead of my normal Coke Zero or other diet soda. The green tea has a bit of caffeine but nowhere near what I was getting over the past month or so where I might have 3-4 cups of coffee plus the diet cokes, alcohol, and a ton of sugar. Yeah, it's a wonder I had sleeping problems....

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