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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Grumble, grumble, stupid change, grumble....

I always planned to get set up with my personal trainer again as soon as the semester started. Even though we met weekly last semester I wasn't really feeling it exercise wise. Probably why I ended up gaining 10 pounds over the course of 4 months... But with the start of the New Year and feeling a new energy and focus I was excited to work with him again and show him my true beast-mode potential.

Then I discovered that they changed everything up. I've bragged on here before about the great deal I get at my university for personal training sessions. Before I would get 1x/week, 60 minute personal trainer sessions, over the course of 14-15 weeks plus a group exercise pass for about $225. Amazing bargain. This semester there's no pass included and you have to decide on how many sessions you want and the price has increased. It's still a good price in comparison to other personal trainer sessions at a gym or whatnot. But I wasn't pleased. Then I couldn't tell if my trainer from last semester was even going to be available and I did not want to pay more for some 20 year old who was still finishing up their exercise science major. For a while I didn't know if I was even going to pursue it.

But finally this Monday I worked things out with my trainer and decided how many sessions I wanted to pay for. I thought I was going to do 15 sessions but once I looked at potential conflicts in my schedule it ends up that 10 will work best. So it's different than I'm used to but it doesn't necessarily mean it's worse. I am not happy with the majority of the group classes they're offering this semester. So far there are only two I really want to do that also work with my schedule. Some of my favorites are now done after work which I'm sure was planned because that works better for students but it doesn't work with my personal life - getting a class in at lunch works much better for me.

On a weekly basis here's a rough schedule of what I hope to do (barring any work/personal conflicts):

  • Monday: Kettle Fit and Cardio: either a run or elliptical
  • Tuesday: Yoga (technically my rest day)
  • Wednesday: Training sessions and Zumba (Zumba will be a 2nd priority depending on how tired I am from the session)
  • Thursday: Elliptical and Row
  • Friday: Run
  • Saturday: Zumba or Run/Elliptical and Weights
  • Sunday: Run and Weights


  1. Looks like a good training schedule! but only 2 running days? Are you training for any races this spring?

  2. 3-4 days. Probably will be Monday/Thursday/Saturday or Sunday. And extra day if my legs feel up to it. Haven't signed up for anything yet but may do a 5k in early April.

    1. I realize I have Thursday and Friday's messed up above....