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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's okay to hate me a little

Way back in November we found out about some great travel deals on flights to Europe. My husband took advantage of it and bought two tickets for him and his brother to go to Spain this year. My husband and I have been to Spain before but this would be his brother's first trip and someplace he has always wanted to go. I was super cool about them going at first but after a while (and probably after a stressful day) I began to think - "What about me? What exotic location am I going to?"

We had been thinking about going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this summer - my husband had a chance to go to a conference down there and have some of the travel covered through work. But even with that coverage the total cost was around $4-5k and we just don't have that kind of money to spend on a trip at this point in our lives. So Rio was out...

So while I was in my bitter "what about me!?!" mood, and having imbibed a couple of cocktails one night, and scrolling through Facebook and seeing pictures from a distant cousin's recent cruise to the western Caribbean I ended up texting my BFF and proclaiming that we needed to go on a cruise together.

She took me at my tipsy word and for the past couple of months we've looked at options that would fit both time and budget. Neither of us have ever gone a cruise before so it's been a pain in the a$$ entertaining to try and figure out the billion options available to us.

Now we have booked our own cruise to the Bahamas this spring. And it's an open bar cruise. We have our priorities.

But look at this fitness room! Well, this is some random Google images fitness room that I found but it's similar enough (I couldn't find the picture I found before for the one on our ship):

That makes me WANT to spend time on a treadmill.... There's also an outdoor track. My friend is not a fitness friend but we've agreed that we're not going to spend 24/7 with each other. While I do plan to work out there will be far more time just spent on some lounge chair soaking in the sun and ordering another round.

It's still a couple months away but I'm looking forward to sharing stories with you all.

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