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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just give me the shirt...

I had no idea this was an option!

Forget racing - just get the shirt and trick people into thinking that you're totally into fitness. And why are they discriminating against 100 year olds?

This is the registration form for the early April race I have in mind.  For about 2 minutes I debated whether or not I wanted to do the 15k - knowing it would be a slow 15k. While I have no doubt in my ability to finish a slow 15k, I thankfully remembered that it would require a lot more running time in my training schedule - going from 30 minute runs to 90+ minute runs (during late winter when I don't go outside much). So instead I'll focus on a faster pace for the 5k (which was my original plan anyway I was just distracted by the shiny 15k lights that beckoned me closer with their siren like glare).

I'm pretty sure I've used the graphic before on this blog but I love it.
Going to a step class and Zumba later today. I'm not a huge fan of step but it's a good cardio burn and it hits different leg muscles. The main issue I have is if my HR gets too high. So there's often marching in place going on when I try step classes. But I'll have to see if the cardio combo (Step and Zumba) kills me for tomorrow. 

I'm a bit pissed off at my scale and its progress right now, or rather lack of progress. I thought - "well maybe the scale isn't moving but my measurements are!?" Nope, that theory failed me too. I want instant gratification darn it. So I've adjusted my hopes for this month's weight loss from 15 lbs to 7 lbs - I've already lost a little over 6 of those 7 if my scale doesn't go back up again. It's still good forward movement but to me the 7 pounds feels like water weight not a real loss (since the 6 lbs initially came off in the first week I got back on track). It will be fine. I'm just taking a minute for my little  pity party. I'll refocus and be fine. I wish I could use the "Just give me the shirt" option for diet and weight loss....

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