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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Little Treasures and Experimental Waffles

So last night I ended up eating more than I should have but eh, whatever. My body probably needed pizza and breadsticks (plus more). Then I started reading in my bed and fell into a sleep coma starting at 8:30 p.m. and going through 7:30 a.m. No sleeping pills or aids taken at all.

That was my first treasure - an awesome night of real sleep.

Of course, waking up at 7:30 and not just jumping out of bed meant that I missed my Saturday morning Zumba class but I was also ok with that. Zumba is far more fun than running inside at the gym but as I learned this week I'm really not ready physically to do both in one day and I wanted to run today.

Breakfast was homemade waffles - where I tried a recipe for banana/oat waffles that I found on Pinterest and adapted it to put more protein in it. The original recipe called for oats, a banana, almond milk, baking powder, and vanilla - plus stevia (I guess the banana wasn't sweet enough for that person). Instead of almond milk I used egg whites (1/2 cup), threw in some cinnamon, and used less oats - mostly because I was only making them for one person (me) and I only had just under a cup of oats, it called for 2. I don't have stevia so I just topped it with honey once it was made. It was ok. Not horrible but not great either. I like my Biggest Loser pancake recipe better which has oats, egg whites, and cottage cheese as the main ingredients.

What's interesting (at least to me) was looking at my regular waffles, which I made for the kids compared to the banana/oat ones I made for me. I thought nutritionally it would blow the regular waffles out of the water. While the banana/oat is healthier it's not as huge of a difference as I expected:

Top line is both kinds of waffles together, second line is regular waffles, last line is banana/oat.
These are the stats for one square of the waffle (out of the 4 you get when you pour the batter on the iron). You'll see that the banana/oat is better in fat, fiber, and protein but calorie wise it's about the same as using Heart Healthy Bisquick, 2% milk, a whole egg, and canola oil in the regular waffles. And the banana can screw with your carbs if you didn't care about the source of the carbs - obviously oats and bananas are better for you than bisquick (as you can tell from the fiber content).

After breakfast I finally got around to getting out to exercise. I was heading off to the gym but once I started to drive I realized it was a great day to be outside. So I headed out to our local greenway instead. First, I made a pitstop at the car wash to get the salt brine off the car from last week's snow days and to finally vacuum the inside since it was still a mess after our Christmas road trip to Austin, TX. While vacuuming I found our other pair of ear buds which have been a source of a minor argument between my husband and I - he lost that pair and I refused to let him use mine - reason being whenever they (he or the kids) steal mine I never have them when I need them so I've started to be completely selfish about not sharing them and even hiding them. So found earbuds were my second treasure of the day.

While driving to the greenway I realized I had to pee and I didn't want to use the nasty port-a-johns at the trail head. So instead I drove a bit further to our Civil War battlefield where the National Park Service has an awesome real bathroom. Plus it's really nice to run the battlefield - that was my main place to go while training for the 10 mile run last spring. Mostly because of the bathrooms...  Treasure #3.

I put on the Week 3 Day 1 plan for C25k but I knew I'd end up running more than that as I only get about 2 miles in over those intervals. Overall I almost made it to 4 miles total for my run. I put on a playlist that has a lot of awesome movie theme soundtracks and I got a real outside run in. Seriously, it's been MONTHS since I've ran outside. The weather was great - chilly at first but I warmed up pretty quickly and realized that I really didn't need long sleeves on, the air was crisp and smelled of fresh cut cedar, blue jays were out, and there wasn't too much traffic on the driving part of the park. Once I finished the C25K I would run a couple minutes at a time and then walk for a couple of minutes. I didn't really time anything, just did what felt good at the moment.

Apparently at some point I felt super speedy with that 8:39 max pace... I must have been on a downhill. But being outside was definitely a treasure, highlight, and a rarity for this time of year since I am definitely only a fair weather runner. The good news is that Sunday and Monday look good for getting outside too.

The rest of the day was spent running errands and indulging in two hamburger sliders with fries so my fat percentages were really bad for today but once again my thoughts are, "eh - whatever".  Tomorrow will also have a bit of a food indulgence since I'm going out to lunch and a movie with a friend but I can balance it out with a good breakfast and dinner. If I don't lose anything this week weight wise I'll instead take my victory for a great week of workouts. 

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