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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Runnings Goals for 2017 and what defines success

Why not? Everyone else is doing it, or purposefully not doing it.

My goals are very mediocre really. Like with last year, I have no desire to run longer distances. Being a slower runner, those long distances are really hard to schedule training for and I start to hate anything over 7 or 8 miles. Last year I talked myself into the 10 mile run in June, which as a race was good, but the end of training was brutal and then I stopped running altogether afterwards.

So really my goal is to keep running all year, even if it's only 2 or 3 mile runs. And I am thinking of calling 2017 "The year of the local 5k's".  If I'm doing well I might throw in a couple 10k's but my thinking right now is to just improve on my 5k time and not worry about anything longer than a 10k - even in training runs. I want to get back to sub-30 5Ks. I got close last summer and could have done it if I had stayed consistent in running but I was worn out after the 10 miler and lost motivation.

From what I can find on the local race calendars my first 5k for this year can be in early April. There are others in January (which I'm not ready for yet) or in different towns in Feb/Mar but I really just want something close; and not a big corporate crazy thing like the Glo-Runs, or Mud-Runs, or Foam-Runs, or Hot Chocolate-Runs, or "insert anything here" Runs. So early April is on my watch list right now. It's in my town and it supports a local non-profit which has helped my daughter with some of her dysgraphia issues. Overall there are about 5 races so far that I think would be workable to put into my schedule.

Keeping my runs short also allows me to spend time on other types of training and exercise as well. It's far easier to schedule weights after a 30 minute run rather than feel bad about skipping weights yet again because I just spent 2+ hours slugging through a 8 mile run once you count the time running plus the time spent to drive to the trail and back.

So my plan is to right now still work through the C25K plan. I'm just finishing up week 1 right now which is easy but that's a really good thing. Feeling successful about completing a workout while not wanting to die helps motivate me to go towards the next week and the next week and the next week. That's why I always come back to the C25K training plans. Yes, I'm physically able to run more than 60 seconds at a time right now but the systematic process of building up endurance works better for me than just throwing myself back out there for a longer period of running and then feeling bad when I tire out after a few minutes. I felt just as good about finishing my run yesterday as I did about any of my longer successful runs last year. I left the gym feeling good about myself, motivated to start making goals, and excited about being on track again. All of that after "only" running intervals of 60 seconds followed by a 90 second walk (8 times). It's so important to not discount the small things.

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  1. My biggest issue right now is my loss of endurance. I'm not ready to give it up, so I'm working on getting it back. I'm slowing down, and I'm dusting off the HR monitor to help me. Stay tuned...