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Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Results: 1/1/17-1/8/17

First week done and it was awesome for staying on track and doing what I'm supposed to do.

Exercise: One extra day since New Years started on a Sunday and I wasn't active the week before. Usually I do a Monday-Sunday results post.
  • Sunday: 3.34 mile walk
  • Monday: C25K run (W1D1) and walk to finish up 3 miles total
  • Tuesday: Elliptical (3 miles - 30'ish minutes) and weights (arms/legs)
  • Wednesday: C25K run (W1D2) plus a little extra run/walk to get to 3 miles total and Zumba
  • Thursday: Elliptical (3 miles - 30'ish minutes) and rowing (2000 meters)
  • Friday: C25K run - only had time for 2 miles and Ultimate Sculpt Video
  • Saturday: run/walk for 4 miles
  • Sunday: 2.6 miles on my elliptical at home and Ultimate Sculpt Video and lots of walking later in the day
Total Miles (including elliptical and walking): 24
Total Minutes: 482

I was still pretty sore on Saturday morning after my first "welcome back to sculpting" workout on Friday. After I suffered through that video I knew I was going to have to really incorporate weight training into my weekly plans again if I was going to survive personal trainer sessions. The good thing about my cardio is that I can control my tempo and thus heart rate so I never really do spike my BPM like I do when I'm going through strength training. At first I thought about doing my Ultimate Sculpt video every other day for this next week to help get my endurance back on track but I've, of course, realized I don't actually have time for that if I'm trying to incorporate other exercise as well. When I did the video again on Sunday morning I dropped from 10 pound hand weights to 5 pound weights. This definitely helped with the BPM and also didn't kill my arms since I was still dealing with 2nd day DOMS. 

Saturday was a good run day. I wanted to make up the extra mile that I didn't get on Friday (my goal - which I made - was to get an average of 3 miles a day either running, walking, or through the elliptical). My original thoughts were to run/walk for 2 miles and then to do the elliptical for 2 miles. But once I got to the gym I ended up staying on the indoor track for the whole 4 miles. At some points it was a mental game - I started with walking one lap and then running one lap. I did that for 13 laps (or 2 miles). Then instead of going to the elliptical I ran another lap. While I was running that lap I thought - let's run another lap. While on the second lap I thought - if you can run this whole 3rd mile then you can stop and not worry about going a full 4 miles. I kept my speed slow - I was probably closer to a 12 minute mile while running that 3rd mile but I didn't time it. I was elated however to run the whole mile since it's been a couple or more months for me to do that. I managed not to flake out and I still continued on to finish the 4th mile. But I switched back to run/walk for that one. All in all, I spent about 50-55 minutes on the track. And my legs felt much better than they did when I first woke up.

Sunday was super difficult to get through. I had to do everything at home and it was in the single digits outside and still icy in spots so I wasn't going to run outside. My original plans were to start on week 2 of C25K but that had to be adjusted since we planned to spend the afternoon up in Nashville and the gym doesn't open until noon on Sundays. So I got on my elliptical at home and about had a mental breakdown when I saw how much different the speeds/calorie counters were on it compared to the gym. At the gym I put the resistance on the halfway mark and the incline down a bit so it hits my calves as well as hams/quads. With these levels I can do about a mile every 10 minutes and it says that it burns about 350'ish calories for those 30 minutes when I do 3 miles. At home, I spent 53 minutes on the damn thing and barely hit 2.6 miles and 200 calories. It pissed me off since I don't know if it's wrong or right. It felt like so much more of an effort at home so I don't know that the trackers on it are completely accurate. Since I was in a bad mental zone I also grumbled and complained through the whole sculpting video even though it was much easier with lighter weights. Oh well - not everyday is a delightful exercise day.

Diet: Far more impressive than my exercise was my diet for this first week. I stayed on track and never splurged on anything. I didn't get my exact micro zones every day but my calories were right for the amount of exercise I did and I still got to enjoy an occasional indulgence such as one cookie - instead of 4 or 5 cookies. I didn't have much diet soda (just a little a couple of times we went out to eat) and my caffeine intake was way down overall.

Weight: Officially down 5 lbs in the first week if I look at the starting weight on Sunday (Jan 1) and my weight this morning (Jan 9). I was down 6.2 pounds as of Friday or Saturday morning but floated back up a little over the weekend. I still consider this first week just the week to burn off the bloat. This second week really starts the real weight loss. I'll have to adapt my mind back to thinking that losing a pound a week is fantastic (though honestly I'm still hoping for quicker loss at least through the next few weeks).

This Week:
  • Monday: Kettle class and C25k run
  • Tuesday: Elliptical and row
  • Wednesday: C25k run and Zumba
  • Thursday: Elliptical and weights
  • Friday: C25K run and Yoga
  • Saturday: Walk and Zumba
  • Sunday: C25K run and weights
Somewhere in there I'll get a fourth day of weights/sculpting. I still plan to work towards 20 miles total for the week but may not worry about 3 miles per day. You'll also notice no rest days - that's just something I'm doing for this month. Starting in February I'll get back to rest days. For now, to build back my habits of good exercise it's easier to not skip a day. I'm the type who can have one rest day and then falls back off the wagon. Also, the intensity isn't super high this month since my C25K runs are still more walking than running - so it's not as bad to do something everyday.

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