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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekly Results 1/9-1/15

Exercise - The time every week where I sit down to post this and think, "crap - what DID I do that day..."
  • Monday - Kettle Fit and C25K - W2D1 (2 miles)
  • Tuesday - C25K W2D2 (2 mile anger run) plus 2 miles on elliptical and 2000 meter row
  • Wednesday - Elliptical (3 miles), weights (arms/legs) and Zumba: Tone
  • Thursday - C25K W2D3 (2 miles) and Elliptical (1 mile)
  • Friday - Elliptical (3 miles) and Yoga
  • Saturday - C25K W3D1 plus extra run/walk for 3.8 miles
  • Sunday - 8 minute cold walk and 30 min on elliptical

Mileage: About 21. Sunday's elliptical was on my machine at home and I don't trust that mileage.
Minutes: 419

Everything was great until Thursday when I hit the wall. The weekend didn't go well either.

As of Tuesday morning I was up a pound from last week. Very frustrating in that any extra calories eaten (which weren't a billion extra) should not have equated to a gain. So a lot of it is probably the tricksy water weight.

Saw La La Land on Sunday, kept thinking of "hey girl" quotes.

Schedule - since I'm behind on posting this some of it has already been done but this will be a harder week to fit in workouts due to my regular work schedule.
  • Monday: 2 miles C25K run, 1 mile run/walk, later on I walked another 2.68 miles because it was such a gorgeous day outside
  • Tuesday: Yoga (planned to do more but life got in the way)
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: C25K run and Ult Sculpt video 
  • Friday: elliptical (3 miles) 
  • Saturday: C25K run and weights
  • Sunday: elliptical and weights (different muscles)
Diet so far has been better for this week but it's going to be a busy and stressful one so the temptation to eat my way through that will probably be stronger. Good news is that it really just affects this week.

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