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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, we meet again.

Currently debating on whether I should go to the boot camp style class at lunch today. Because this...

Had a little procedure done yesterday - no biggie but the gal below is not too happy at the moment.  

Also, there's this feeling going on.

Good news is that the V-day chocolate and GS Cookies are about wiped out so maybe I can get the diet back on track next week. I also start meeting with my trainer again next week. Every time I take his kettle class on Mondays I think, "hmmm do I really want to do this one on one again..." 

And as a follow-up to Wednesday's post: the reward for taking care of little annoying things is finding more annoying things that need to be taken care of.

I might need to find some more GS cookies after all.

Post Lunch Edit: I went to the class. Everything was fine. I whine too much.


  1. You know what? GS cookies are overrated.

  2. Have you had a tag along lately? Peanut butter and chocolate goodness all around.