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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good lord, what is she wearing?!?

So on Sunday, I escaped my house first with thoughts of going to the gym and doing some cardio and weights. But my left bicep still really hurt so I knew I needed to wait another day on arm weights and the day was too nice not to run outside - upper 50's with little wind and sunny = fantastic running weather. I headed out to a portion of our local greenway and tried to get excited about running.

I wasn't all that psyched to go run. I knew an outdoor run was going to take a lot more effort and wouldn't come close to measuring up to my great "warm-up" run on Friday. I wanted to do a whole 5k distance since I would be outside and not bored with going around in circles or running on the treadmill but I knew I wouldn't be able to run the whole thing straight off. So I programmed my interval timer to 4/1 and hit the trails.

And it was hard. And there were lots of small white bugs flying around. And I did way too much mouth breathing because of allergies and a stuffy nose so I know I inhaled my fair share of those bugs.

But right at the beginning of my run I came up upon another lady on the trail who was wearing these:


This was me:

All I could think of was that she was going to end up with a plethora of foot and calf problems after wearing those for a while.

Since I did an out and back for the 5k and she appeared to do about a 2 mile out and back walk, run, hop? I don't know what to call that.... I saw her a few more times. Once she passed me (boing! boing!) after I had ran up a hill and needed to catch my breath.

I almost took a picture of her while I was out but I thought it might be rude. So instead I googled "blade shoes" when I came back and found out that there's this whole exercise world that revolves around these shoes. Here's a fun little YouTube link: https://youtu.be/qXDnkiYzgRE . They're called Kangoo Jump Shoes and they'll cost you about $60 for a pair. 

But why would you buy them? Seriously. Why? I hope to God it's a fad that passes quickly. Like so many ones we've seen before...

Anyway, I ended my 5k run with an 11:12 pace which is far more like my abilities than the 9:22 mile of Friday. I do hope to shave some time off of that in the next month as I prep for the actual 5k race but it will require more outdoor runs with hills and elements. The inside track lures me into thinking I'm a racing super star. 

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