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Friday, February 24, 2017

Hey what do you know!?

I can still run! In spite of taking a couple weeks off. Honestly, in my brain I was back to square one thinking dang it, I'm going to have to run 60 and walk 90 (seconds) for a while to get back up to speed.

But as I realized earlier this week - I'm still signed up for a 5k in early April so I better incorporate some runs into my weekly workouts again. So I did a warm up run on the indoor track before the boot camp class (more on that fresh hell in a bit) and I paced myself to take it easy. Thinking that I was running 11-12 minute miles. I even walked the first lap (of 6.5) so imagine my shock when I hit the first mile at 9:22. What the what?!

I did slow down a bit for the second mile but still finished right at 20 minutes. Serious runner's high going on. Pure glee on that run.

Feeling full of myself and astounded at my amazing Kenyan like abilities I sauntered into boot camp and was quickly brought back down to earth.

I'm being overly dramatic because it was a great class but it was super hard. Especially because I took on some heavier weights. They have these bags in the room we use for boot camp:

They're tricksy little bags because the weight listed on them is in kilograms. Turns out that "10" on the bag was 10 kilograms which really means 22 pounds. And the first bag I used which was 15 kilos was actually 33 pounds. Yeah, my muscles weren't ready for that with some of the exercises.

But it was fun, in a "I'm dying a little" kind of way and I've enjoyed going to this class this semester. This is one that I first didn't want to do at first because I prejudged it as being something I wouldn't enjoy. Lesson to myself - "just try it out for pete's sake. You don't know it all."

But coming back to work after that class?


  1. I think they make those weight colorful and fun looking to make you want to pick them up. I do just looking at that picture!

  2. We lived in England for awhile and I remember grabbing those "10" weights. Um yeah, not 10 lbs. Hooray for unleashing that inner Kenyan you didn't know you had!