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Friday, February 3, 2017

On a roll! Off the cliff!

February 1st, Wednesday, found me in two exercise classes: step and Zumba. Tracking like a boss. And down another pound on the scale.

But just in case you have been tricked into thinking that I'm amazing wonder-fit gal over here I would like to introduce you to my life on Thursday. Stupid Groundhog's day...

True Confessionals...

Thursday was a half day for both my kids at school. For my son in junior high that meant he either had to stay home alone all afternoon or he could hang out with one of us at work. My daughter could stay at the after school program at her school but she hates it so I decided to be nice mom and I took some vacation hours and left work early and made all of our lives easier.

The plan:  Eat healthy! Do my interval run around the neighborhood! Do my ultimate sculpt video (since Wednesdays classes ended up not having much strength training wise)!!

The reality: Starving when I went home. Already had planned for higher calories but blew that out of the water. Started off semi healthy but went downhill fast: a trail mix, a cheese snack, then cookie dough, then a few actually baked cookies, then two glasses of wine. Never felt like running or doing other exercise even though I changed into my exercise clothes.

And so I probably ended the day with at least 2800 calories and no exercise. But lots of cookies!

I didn't bother weighing in this morning.

Thankfully, unlike poor Phil, today starts a new day.


  1. Those days are rough! I hate when I talk myself out of exercising and then I eat stuff I know better than to eat. Usually to make myself feel better about not working out! My guilty confession: I had a diet coke and a corn dog from Sonic this morning. UGH! Now I have to consciously make better choices the entire rest of the day. At least you can start over today!

  2. Oh man, once the cookie dough comes out, the day here is pretty much over. My hubby informed me at 8:30 last night he needed to bring something to the office Super Bowl potluck. Cookies it was.

  3. I hope today wasn't groundhog day for you!!!