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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weekly Results: 2/6-12 (Zombie Week)


  • Monday - Kettle Fit and Elliptical
  • Tuesday - Yoga
  • Wednesday through Sunday - Zombie life
So not a good week for exercise and diet. It was a busier week at work and I battled a sinus infection and I plain just didn't want to do anything. Such is life.


Remember my issues with Girl Scout cookies? Yep. I still have them. Haven't even tried out my scale in the last few days.

This Week:

God I don't know. I've started off okay with my typical Kettle and Yoga for the first two days of the week. But I'm still not feeling the mojo. So we'll see how the week ends up. If it's quiet on here it probably means I'm not doing a whole heck of a lot.


  1. I just polished off some Ben and Jerrys...

  2. The Ben and Jerry's factory tour in Vermont was a dream come true.... :)