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Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Results: 3/6-12

Alternate Title: Are mashed potatoes quite possibly the world's most perfect food?

Just finished a good Kettle class in which I ran a mile before and after the class. Thus I was starving and the leftover mashed potatoes that I had with a chicken breast for my lunch were amazing. I've always had a love affair with mashed potatoes but my husband is more of a rice guy so I don't make them too often at home. That might need to change....

Anyway, moving on...


  • Monday: Kettle - with a different instructor (thanks to Spring break) who thought speed was all important. I missed the regular guy and agitated a nerve.
  • Tuesday: Had planned to go to a class but ended up being busy over lunch due to identity theft stuff
  • Wednesday: Step class and Zumba
  • Thursday: 3 mile walk on the hilly trail
  • Friday: Boot camp class
  • Saturday: Nothing! And it freakin' snowed... Stupid stupid inconsistent spring.
  • Sunday: Oh look! Nothing again! Well, I did clean my house so a few calories were burnt.
So much for my plans to run....

Abject Failure. While some of it is just self control I think I'm dealing with some hormonal stuff that's making me pissy and a little depressed. I seriously could just eat until I'm sick and then eat again. I don't like this feeling at all. Especially when there are swimsuits to fit into. I'm looking into a different kind of natural thyroid (NDT) medicine but I'll have to see if my GP will approve it. If not, I'll have to find a doctor that will. It's hard to find the motivation to do this however when all you want to do is sit and wallow...

Lots of Pitbull songs in Zumba class...

This Week:

  • Monday: Kettle with 1 mile tempo run pre and post class (ST)
  • Tuesday: Yoga (missed this class SOOOOO much last week - especially with my agitated nerve issues). Maybe I'll do something else as well since the weekend will be a bust...
  • Wednesday: Personal trainer and Zumba (ST)
  • Thursday: 3 mile run/walk
  • Friday: Boot camp with 2 mile run/easy (ST)
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday: ? not sure - I'm on my own with the kids this weekend so we'll see what I can do but there still is that matter of fitting into a swimsuit soon....

Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm still around and still exercising....

Just don't ask about my diet.

Cause that ain't happening.

It's been a busy'ish week - what with locking down our credit report and such. Aah the annoying realities of living in a world where someone can get all of your information electronically in about 4 seconds. But it's not as bad as it could be.

I do have things to talk about though so let's catch up.


Awesome give away at Marcia's blog. Bluetooth headphones?! Sign me up!


There's a new trail in town. It's been open for 3 or 4 months but last weekend was the first time we went to it. It's actually easier for me to get to than other parts of the Greenway but it isn't as long (about 1.3 miles) and has a lot of steep hills. So for walks or if I ever want to do hill repeats this is a great option. And it's gorgeous. The first time we went I ran the downhills and the relatively flat spots. The second time we just walked.

Stats from the first time on the trail.

Here are some pics I took.


I have a new flare up of an old problem. I think it's nerve damage or aggravation. I've had issues with sciatica before but my best guess for this is that it's the pudendal nerve because my while hip is sore the real pain flares into my groin area and not down into my leg. This was a huge issue in my second pregnancy from about month 3 through the end. Not to be crude but it's like someone is stabbing you with a knife in the "who-ha" all day long. It hasn't impacted me as far as not being able to exercise but I think the class I did on Monday was what made it angry and flare up again. The exercises we did weren't hard but the pace was super quick and I probably sacrificed correct form somewhere along the way.


Hooray for cheap Chinese goods! Well, kind of hooray.

In early February my friend (who's going on the cruise with me) told me about a website she found with cheap but cute swimsuits. She ordered 3 or 4 thinking that even if they were also cheaply made it wasn't a big loss of money. So I went on the site as well and was amazed at the designs and options. And they were cheap - like $15-25 each. So I found two and ordered them as well:
Both are tankinis

And then I waited. And waited. And waited. The website was happy to take my order and my money but then the order sat there for a month. I was to the point of thinking it was a scam site and it was only after about 2-3 weeks that I looked closely at the website and discovered everything was coming from China. And online reviews for this site were awful. Which is why I'm not promoting the actual site on my blog. Even if I didn't like them and opted to return for a refund it would cost more to return it than I ever paid for it in the first place. I got really close to canceling my order but even that would have still cost me $6). My friend and then a coworker assured me that they received their orders so I kept waiting. And finally, one month later, I got my suits this week. They both fit and looked to be in good condition but had a weird packaging smell. Thankfully the smell went away after a run through the washer but on the black suit above one of the straps came apart from poor stitching. It was easy enough to sew it back together and I do really, really love the top purple and yellow suit. So overall it was a good purchase for the amount of money I spent. I just hope they hold up long enough to get through this summer at least. But I'm not telling you to run out and use this website too - don't be like me, read other reviews before trying a new clothing outlet. :)

It was in the mid 70's yesterday and now they're calling for light snow this weekend. I hate spring so much. And since it's spring break for the university the rec center will be closed this weekend. So not much running for me. I'll try to get to Zumba at least if I can wake up enough on Saturday morning. Sunday may end up being a crap shoot for exercising.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weekly Results: 2/27-3/5

Identity theft was better as a movie than it is as a real life situation.

So that's why this post is a day late and will be short and sweet. I'm dealing with the aftermath of someone filing a tax return in our name. They tried to get $4000. They didn't - thank God for small favors.

My advice? File your taxes early so the IRS can see if someone else is using your info.



  • Monday - Kettle Fit
  • Tuesday - Yoga
  • Wednesday- Zumba
  • Thursday - Nothing
  • Friday - Boot camp
  • Saturday - 3 miles with 3/2 intervals
  • Sunday - 3 miles - more walking than running but lots of major hills
Diet is still a train wreck but the last couple of days have been better. Haven't checked my weight.

This Week:
  • Monday - Kettle Fit 
  • Tuesday - not sure, maybe nothing
  • Wednesday - Step and Zumba
  • Thursday - 3+ miles as intervals
  • Friday - Boot Camp and I hope to run some too
  • Saturday - Zumba
  • Sunday - outside running if the weather is nice

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Giraffes and Tornadoes

While at work I'm keeping an eye on the giraffe cam (and probably will have to for another month at this rate...) and storm warnings as they roll through middle Tennessee.

I had to drop my son off early at school for a practice and as we rolled out of the house around 6:45 a.m. this morning I looked up to the skies and thought, "hmmm - that doesn't good." About 15 minutes later we were under a tornado warning.

Aaah spring time in Tennessee.

All is well for my neck of the woods but it was another fun morning of watching the live weather forecasts and the radar screens with intense scrutiny. When we first moved to Tennessee it drove me crazy because I didn't know the names of all 300 billion counties here (quite a culture shock coming from Arizona with 15 counties) and I didn't know if we had anything to be worried about or not. I didn't even realize tornadoes were something I had to be worried about in Tennessee. But now it's gotten to the point where we look at the line of storms is and only worry if they are projected to actually come through our part of town. Levels of alert go something like this:

  1. Thunderstorm warning: well I guess I shouldn't plan an outdoor picnic
  2. Tornado watch: yep, picnic definitely cancelled
  3. Tornado warning: ok - what part of the county? Oh that's the northern part - picnic back on!
  4. Town mentioned in warning: turn on the tv and watch closely but don't move to any "safe rooms"
  5. Sirens starting: definitely think about moving to safe room if the line is predicted to go across our part of town
  6. Our part of town: put on your bike helmets and huddle up in our small half bath and wait for the all clear to be given
I joke about this but a few years ago we did go through a F4 tornado in our town that killed a mother and her baby along with damaging/destroying a good number of homes so I do get more nervous whenever the actual warnings start (I still don't worry myself over thunderstorm warnings or even tornado watches). I was a bit anxious this morning dropping my kids off at school without knowing where the storm exactly was. But once I know where the storm is heading I'm fine.

In actual exercise news: my personal trainer cancelled on me today so I'm going to run (indoors obviously) and go to Zumba. I'll miss out on strength training but it works better to space out my run days so I'm fine with it.

And that darn giraffe still hasn't had her baby.