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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Giraffes and Tornadoes

While at work I'm keeping an eye on the giraffe cam (and probably will have to for another month at this rate...) and storm warnings as they roll through middle Tennessee.

I had to drop my son off early at school for a practice and as we rolled out of the house around 6:45 a.m. this morning I looked up to the skies and thought, "hmmm - that doesn't good." About 15 minutes later we were under a tornado warning.

Aaah spring time in Tennessee.

All is well for my neck of the woods but it was another fun morning of watching the live weather forecasts and the radar screens with intense scrutiny. When we first moved to Tennessee it drove me crazy because I didn't know the names of all 300 billion counties here (quite a culture shock coming from Arizona with 15 counties) and I didn't know if we had anything to be worried about or not. I didn't even realize tornadoes were something I had to be worried about in Tennessee. But now it's gotten to the point where we look at the line of storms is and only worry if they are projected to actually come through our part of town. Levels of alert go something like this:

  1. Thunderstorm warning: well I guess I shouldn't plan an outdoor picnic
  2. Tornado watch: yep, picnic definitely cancelled
  3. Tornado warning: ok - what part of the county? Oh that's the northern part - picnic back on!
  4. Town mentioned in warning: turn on the tv and watch closely but don't move to any "safe rooms"
  5. Sirens starting: definitely think about moving to safe room if the line is predicted to go across our part of town
  6. Our part of town: put on your bike helmets and huddle up in our small half bath and wait for the all clear to be given
I joke about this but a few years ago we did go through a F4 tornado in our town that killed a mother and her baby along with damaging/destroying a good number of homes so I do get more nervous whenever the actual warnings start (I still don't worry myself over thunderstorm warnings or even tornado watches). I was a bit anxious this morning dropping my kids off at school without knowing where the storm exactly was. But once I know where the storm is heading I'm fine.

In actual exercise news: my personal trainer cancelled on me today so I'm going to run (indoors obviously) and go to Zumba. I'll miss out on strength training but it works better to space out my run days so I'm fine with it.

And that darn giraffe still hasn't had her baby.

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