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About Me

Judy - Age 40 (2018), in Tennessee, work full time, and a wife and mother of two

My weight and activity fluctuates. I've always been on the heavy side - sometimes more heavy than others. My lowest size has been an 8 but I often swing between 12-16. The blog is more for myself than for others. It helps me to look back at successes and failures to help motivate me for today. I'm continually working to stay active, lose a few more pounds, and lower overall body fat. I'm a slow runner but keep signing up for races because they look so shiny.

As just another overweight American who can stand to lose 10, 20, 30 (or more, depending on the day) pounds I came to running late. When I was a kid I hated running and was traumatized by "the mile" required by the Presidential Fitness test and sprints involved in basketball and soccer. I never made myself run in high school or college and afterwards whenever I would get on a fitness kick I'd only get about a 1/4 mile on the treadmill before feeling like my chest would explode. Over the past 8 years I've lost and often regained weight (I've ranged from 175-247 on the scale) going from a size 20 to an 8 and back up and down again. I've also gone through various issues with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, including a thyroidectomy in December 2015. There were cancerous cells but all seems to be clear on that front now. Life without a wonky thyroid has been much better.

My adventures in running started after my second child was born (2008) and I could not lose any of the baby weight. I joined a wellness program and was gently eased into running longer distances by my personal trainer. After about 6 months I ran my first 5k and have had a love/hate relationship with running ever since. I've now run 4 half marathons and a half-dozen of other races. I like the training more than the actual race and have found that I actually fall off the wagon after I complete a race so I plan to no longer focus on races longer than 10k (of course I sometimes forget this and sign up for longer races and then regret it). I now focus on cross training throughout the week and incorporate various forms of HIIT cardio including Spin, Zumba, and a crazy class called Turbo Kick. I try to do a lot of strength training as well and have found that it's made a world of difference for injury prevention and body composition. So my hours of exercise per week are fairly high but my overall mileage in running is low. If I can ever buy a nice bike I want to complete another tri which was my favorite race and training experience.