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Links I Use

Not just a calorie counter but a huge database of food nutrition, charts to track your weight and measurements, exercise charting (tied into your daily caloric needs), and an online community - if you're into that kind of thing. $9 per month and worth every penny. I like it far better than myfitnesspal (which is free). It has an app so you can track on your phone but the app doesn't have access to all the lovely reports available on the website.

Free app (on the Apple app store) that tracks distance, speed, and calories burned. You can log into the website to get nice graphs and reports on your overall efforts. Ties into your music. It has other capabilities but I think you have to pay for additional items.

ZenLabs C25K or C210K
Also free and available on the app store. Just voice (no built in music) but you can choose to play your music along with it. Since it's free you have to deal with some ads after you complete a workout but it's not a big deal to "x" out of them.